Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas Poem for my Soldier

Christmas from Way Over Here

Like a child awaiting Christmas morning
How I wait for your return
Each day like the days of Advent
Counting down bit by bit

The music that plays in every store
Brings love to my heart, a smile to my face
The same love, the same smile that radiates when
I hear your voice on the phone

The tree that we decorate stands sturdy and strong
Like the soldier you are
Grounded and ever reaching for glorious heights

The lights that adorn every window
Twinkle like your eyes when something amuses you
How I love your laugh, bold and bright

The warmth of the season
Reminds me of being held close to you
So safe. So loved. So comforting.

The presents we wrap and place under the tree
Are nothing like the gift of having you in my life

When I see the star that shines upon the first Christmas scene
I can't help but wonder if you see the same star
High in the heavens of your desert sky

The angel that looks over the Holy family
Brings to mind the angels that look over you

When I think of the Christmas joy that lights up my children's faces
I realize that you are an angel to countless other children
Children who will be able to sleep safely on Christmas and other days
Because of what you are doing right now.

So I will stand under the mistletoe
And imagine your lips
I will pull on my gloves over my chilly fingers
And think of your hands

I will tell the jolly guy in red
That all I want for Christmas is for my soldier
To be healthy, safe and whole.

And in the silence of the Christmas Eve night,
I will send you love
Across the midnight sky
Through the desert
And into your day

So that I can share with you, if only for a moment,
The magic of the spirit of
Christmas from way over here.


  1. Beautiful words...have a wonderful Christmas with your girls.

  2. this is a really good poem because im with someone who is going to be in the army and i love him so much his my soldier


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