Thursday, December 13, 2007

The random aspects of our lives come together, once in a while

Leave it to my first love to help me forget, for just a little while, my current love.

I just returned home from a Duran Duran concert and ah, its fun to be 12 years old again!

The set list was (from the top of my head and not necessarily in order):
Red Carpet Massacre
Night Runner
Planet Earth
Wild Boys
A View to a Kill
Falling Down
Skin Divers
Ordinary World
Reach Up for the Sunrise
Girls on Film

I was thinking on the way home how, from age 12 and until age 19, I naively thought I was going to marry John Taylor, the bassist from Duran Duran. I don't know, I guess most girls my age thought the same thing but I'm not sure many of them would admit the seriousness of our conviction. So, I'll admit it. (Its my blog dammit!)

It wasn't until actually meeting this romantic dream of a "Prince Charming" and seeing that he was truly human and had flaws (many of which he's thankfully recovered from), that I was finally able to come to reality or Planet Earth, if you will. But let me tell you about that night and the sheer amount of complete and utter devastation I felt! That experience was right up there with splitting from my husband! Completely sent me into a deep depression and ironically, right into the arms of my new boyfriend whom I was to marry 3 1/2 years later. Talk about one experience leading to another....

I enjoyed seeing my "old friends", Duran Duran. They will always bring me out of my seat and back into the unabashed frenzy of my teenage years. But now we have an agreement, I'll go back to my life and they'll go back to theirs. They give me smiles and I don't bother them when they're trying to do what regular people do. I can't thank them enough for the smiles, experiences, inspiration and music they've brought into my life.

"Seen better times than right now
But I'm not running away
No nothing's gonna bring me down

It's just been one of those days
I'm not the only one
Feeling this way
And I'm not sorry"

Oh and thanks guys for helping me to remember that its just been one of those days and it will get better. It always does.


  1. Glad you had fun at the show there is always that time when you are at the show that it is a step back in time. There is a pic of me in front row on myspace from a few years ago and yes I do look like a teen girl with stars in her eyes.

    As I read your blog and you talked about the night of your reality check. I so remember that well. It was a night that I don't think I will ever forget and I actually have an audio tape some where of us at Pat O's.

    I'm glad though that I was there with you that night. All though sometimes I still cringe at the thought of us walking through the quarter and you saying all men should be castrated. Not something to say at three in the morning on Burboun St. :)

    Thank you for being my friend.

  2. I'm glad you were there with me too. I couldn't have survived it without my very supportive and loving friend!


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