Thursday, February 7, 2008

100th Post : Let's talk about S-E-X

With this being my 100th post and all, I thought I'd break you guys in with one of my favorite topics: sex

Perhaps this is an appropriate time to have this discussion with you all since I am having a surge of testosterone and I did just hang up the phone with my soldier. Yes, you heard it right - testosterone! I'm not sure how many women are aware of this but generally during ovulation, we have a surge of this hormone and it causes us to feel a bit more... randy. As a matter of fact, women tend to be more attracted to a stronger, "manly man" during ovulation. Whereas during her period, a woman will prefer an attentive, affectionate man instead.

And you guys thought we were just picky!

I am a very sexual person - have been as long as I can remember. To some, it may come across as free spirited. To others, it seems like I'm flirting with everyone. (My girlfriend says I flirt with men, women and children.) I'm not sure when it started or if there is just an innate awareness in all of us. I remember starting in junior high school having such a dirty mind and being boy crazy. However, I was also very particular and didn't have sex til I was 19.

The scary part is seeing this already in my older daughter. She is a very sensual girl and boys are drawn to her. I've had other parents point it out to me. She doesn't have a dirty mind or anything but I think somewhere deep inside she comprehends that we are all sexual creatures. Now my job is to make sure she's smart about it.

So I have my soldier/coach on the line and he's trying to talk to me about cycling and he says "If you bend over the handlebars of the bike...."

Who knows what else he said. He lost me after "bend over." And I told him so. He giggled and said that he can't comment on these things since he's surrounded by other soldiers.

This is what I'm like during this part of my cycle. My brain doesn't think anything but sex. So I thought I'd have a little fun with the smiley's.

First a little smiley foreplay:

Then a little oral action:

(Oh my... are these hilarious or what?! Come on! You know you do it too!)

Then... oh yeah!


God help me. How am I going to make it through another year???


  1. With your Bob - battery operated boyfriend, a good book of erotica or whatever you like...and a lot of patience until he has leave!

    I had no idea there were such icons :)

  2. Love it! As my friends would say, guys and girls, "Lani is like a guy when it comes to sex!" I would totally agree. My best translation for sex is "Sex is like a hug."

    I think I am going to write a blog about that.

    Love your blog and I will be reading.

  3. You certainly aren't alone in feeling like that. How to get through another year? Besides the suggestions above, maybe try writing to your soldier exactly what you will do to him in painstaking detail.

    And hilarious smilies. Never seen them before.


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