Monday, February 11, 2008

Its my soldier's birthday!!!

Since its past midnight in Iraq:
Happy Birthday Baby!!

He just called because it was a few minutes after midnight. He said, "I have an arithmetic question for you... guess what time it is here?"

Then he proceeds with "I'm older than you again." We were both 38 for about a month and a half. Silly boy.

The bummer is that he didn't receive the birthday/Valentine's box this past weekend. Hopefully he'll at least receive it this weekend. We'll see.

I asked if any of his men were going to do anything for him to celebrate and he said, "Yes, we're going to pause the war just to celebrate the day I was born. "

Well, they should!

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  1. How cool he called you - on his birthday! He'll get the care package and love it. It will probably be an even bigger treat to get it after today so he can stretch out the celebration/love!


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