Monday, March 24, 2008

All is as it should be

A friend of mine posted this on her Myspace blog and I was hooked. This is exactly where I am. Click the link to read more:

The only sin is self-hatred.

From pp. 78-79 of Paul Williams' Das Energi:

Sooner or later a person begins to notice that everything that happens to her is perfect, relates directly to who she is, had to happen, plays its little role in fulfilling her destiny.

When she encounters difficulty, it no longer occurs to her to complain -- she has learned to expect nothing, has learned that loss and frustration are a part of life, and come at their proper time -- instead she asks herself, why is this happening? . . . by which she means, what can I learn from this, how will it strengthen me, make me more aware? She lets herself be strengthened, lets herself grow, just as she lets herself relax and enjoy (and grow) when life is gentle to her.

Strengthened by this simple notion, simple awareness, that life is perfect, that all things come at the proper moment, and that she is always the perfect person for the situation she finds herself in, a person begins to feel more and more in tune with her inner nature, begins to find it easier and easier to do what she knows is right. All chance events appear to her to have been intended; all intentional actions she clearly perceives as part of the workings of Chance. Anxiety seldom troubles her; she knows her death will come at the proper moment; she knows her actions are right and therefore whatever comes to pass as a result of them will be what is meant to happen. When she does feel anxiety, she realizes it is because of that thing she's been meaning to do but hasn't done, some unfulfilled relationship she's been aware of, but . . . She perceives the anxiety as a message that she'll have to stop hesitating if she wants to stay high . . . She knows that she is out of tune because she's let herself get out of tune; and because she knows she can, she begins to take action. She enjoys her high life; does not enjoy anxiety; so she stops hesitating and does what she has to do.

She does not live in a state of bliss, though perhaps she feels herself moving toward one -- or toward something, she doesn't know what it is but it is the way she has to go, the journey towards it is the only life she enjoys. It is hard; it is exciting; it is satisfying, lonely, joyous, frustrating, puzzling, enlightening, real; it is her life, that's all. She accepts it.

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