Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do you ever feel like there are two of you?

My older daughter has always been quite the spiritual child. She seemed to handle the deaths of my grandparents and my father very well. She always has the most beautiful calming words when she sees me in any sort of emotional distress.

(My favorite was when her father moved out. I told her, "Mommy is probably going to cry when Daddy leaves. It's ok. It just means that I'm sad." So he walked out the door and I broke down. She calmly hugged me and said, "It's ok, Mommy. You can marry someone else." This at age 4!!)

She is a big fan of Jesus. Now I don't proclaim any particular organized religion so we don't go to church on Sundays. I practice spirituality and yes, Jesus is the symbol I was raised with and therefore the symbol I identify the most with. I try to explain other religious figures to my children as well and I'm always saying, "Now this is what I believe but not everyone thinks like I do..." She has such a connection with Jesus and his life that it seems she knows and comprehends more about him than most kids I know. Its pretty amazing to me.

One of our discussions recently was about the death of my father. She is very interested in what happened to him and his body. I had a difficult time explaining that his body was left behind but his spirit continues to live. "In your heart, right?" is always her answer. This is a phrase that she came up with when he passed. He lives on in our hearts. And God lives there too.

So, the other morning, we're eating breakfast and she suddenly asks, "Mommy, do you ever feel like there are two of you? Inside of you?"

I thought I knew where she was going with it so I said, "Yes baby. I do believe there are two ways of seeing life and this world we live in. Through the eyes of the body or the eyes of God. "

She replied, "Well, I think I want to see things through the eyes of God."

Me too, sweet angel. And I think you already do.

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  1. It is so nice to hear about how open and loving you are with your children. It is amazing what they say, sometimes they say it so way better then you could if tried really hard to come up with the right phrase. :)

    I am pretty torn up about this horse dying, and my Dad said that is the hard thing about working with animals Sweetie, if they die you really love them and are really attached to them. That just made me see that this is part of the job I signed up for, and that was the agreement I made when I took a job with horses. That makes it a little easier to bear I have to say.


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