Monday, May 19, 2008

Never Say Never

My new motto since I began dating my soldier last fall is 'never say never'.

I had just declared about a month before that I was sick of dating. I would always be a single mom. I would never remarry and never have another child.

Then, on the night of our first date, he asked, "Do you think you'll ever marry again or have another baby?"

Whew! I was stunned that what I had declared so adamantly a month before now looked like a blur.

I could relate this to many things in my past. I never saw any reason for war. I was a 'make love, not war' kind of girl. Now, my soldier is giving me a perspective I'd never considered before.

I have since learned that once you think you're absolutely sure about something, something else will show up in your life to make you question that belief. We don't know anything really. We just think we do. Maybe its God's way of shaking things up a little. Just to make sure we realize we're not the ones in control.

I think this is yet another reason I shouldn't fight what is happening in my life. Besides the impermanence, there is obviously some other higher force that knows my greater good. And knows the outcome and effects of any decision that I should make. My judgment of anything is based purely on my perception, which is flawed anyway.

I have no idea what is to come so I should just stay present with what is happening now, enjoy it and ride the tides.

And I need to remember to trust. Ah yes.... yet another jewel on my quest.


  1. I agree with all the sentiments in this post. Well you said it perfectly there is nothing to add ;).

  2. I was looking back through The Power of Now last night. the parts I read/re-read made much more sense to me -- and I was more at peace with what it was saying -- than they did when I was reading the book the first time a year or 2 ago. Funny, maybe I'm becoming more present or "conscious" after all... least on a few more days than before!

  3. I think that you are all over this one. Life changes in the blink of an eye.

    There is a scene in the movie "Evan Almighty" where Evan is saying to God "then you have to understand this building an ark thing really isn't part of my plans here..." God laughs. I recall this every time I think all is going my way. Then I pray... what's next?

    Faith and trust...two jewels we all need to grasp and hold on to.

  4. Never is a very strong and powerful word. As is the word trust. You post is one that I find very enlightening and I really love that about you, your ability to make me look inside myself and think....thanks T~ Here's to God shaking things up a bit! :D



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