Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the subject of Vodka....

I saw this article called "The Vodka Poison Ivy Cure ... and 9 Other Weird Uses for Vodka" on The Daily Green this morning. I knew I loved vodka for a reason!!

Seriously, I am all about using less chemicals in my house and in my life. The article mentions using vodka for all sorts of cleaning and body soothing uses (without actually drinking it!). Very cool.

I am also a big user of Apple Cider Vinegar. There are tons of websites dedicated to the use of apple cider vinegar. Its pretty amazing what you can do with the stuff.

The ex and I went organic in our yard after we had to have our 10 year old German Shepard put down. She had developed two cancerous and inoperable tumors in her throat and couldn't eat any longer. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. She was our first child and we didn't want to let her go that soon. I also had a 1 year old daughter at home. I truly believe it was only due to motherhood that I had the strength to hold my sweet dog as she drifted off into an endless sleep. The ex was freaking out. He said, "You are a stronger woman that I ever thought you were." Yeah, motherhood does that to you.

We were convinced that the cancer was partially due to using a chemical yard company to keep our yard looking green and weed free. My dog ate the grass all the time. And I guess there's a certain amount of guilt you feel when someone close to you dies.

We went organic in the yard and gradually in the house as well. Then I began to study more and learn more about eating organic and using less chemicals. Thankfully it is getting easier to live this way. I try to do my best to keep myself, my daughters and my house as "green" as possible. I'm sure it helps us to stay healthy.

I'm glad to know that vodka can be useful too. Still, I can visualize myself pouring vodka on a sponge to clean the tub and then pouring myself a glass as well...

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  1. I bought some Apple Cider Vinegar to do the old 2 tablespoons after dinner in hopes I can increase my metabolism -- or nix the desire for more food after slurping it down!

    Actually, I kind of like it.


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