Friday, May 2, 2008

The Perfect Husband?

My sister works in retail and has since she began working at age 15. She's always been a workaholic and is a very successful district manager for a popular store. She's the 'mall-ie' between the two of us so it worked for her. Me? I hate the mall and have never been too much of a shopper. I can't imagine working in retail day-in and day-out. I think I'd rather have all of my teeth pulled.

I have noticed one advantage of doing what she does for a living: gay guys.

I love gay guys. Most girls do. I don't know too many now that I am in the IT field. I find that I'm envious when I attend parties at her house and there are lots of 'sista girlfriends' in the crowd. They're always fun and easy to talk to.

My sister has this gay guy friend that she has known for well over 15 years. He has worked with her at various retail jobs throughout that time. He just moved here recently from New York (where he worked with my sister until she moved here 7 years ago). She offered him a job locally and asked him to move in until he gets settled in the area.

Wednesday, Mom, sis and I went to lunch and I asked how things were going with him living amongst her, her macho Latin husband, teenage daughter and two younger kids the same ages as mine.

She replied, "Wonderful. I hope he never leaves. Between him and my spouse, they are the perfect husband."

Her entire family enjoys having him around. He cooks very good meals, cleans up, helps out with the kids, listens and understands my sister, gives good fashion advice and has a great sense of humor. Her husband likes that all of the pressure to be the helpful housekeeper/childcare giver/cook is gone by the wayside. All that he has to do is give my sister the love and attention that us gals require and his job is done. He's even less stressed about taking care of the kids because he gets so much help.

Sis also has my mom as her hired nanny. My mother is like a second mom to my sister's children. She picks them up from school and helps get them to the various events and doctor's appointments in their busy schedules.

My sister works (even when she has a day off) ALL OF THE TIME. She seems to be in constant stress with the craziness in her life. She seems to thrive on it - even when she's overly emotional and seems like she's going to go postal on anyone that dares speak to her. So, I'm happy to hear that she has all of the help that she does. And I'm happy to hear that she has the 'perfect husband' in her house - yes, even if it is 2 men. I'm happy for her.

But yeah, the single mom in me does get jealous of all of the help in my sister's life. I have to stop myself from saying, "Must be nice!" because well... that would just not be nice.

My mom does help me when need her. I cannot complain about that. I rarely ask for it and when I do, she comes through every time. She even volunteered to paint my bedroom yesterday (and it looks great!! Thanks Mom!). She is the best MeMe a girl could ask for.

However I still find myself wondering... Is there a website that has 'gay guys for rent' or something? I could certainly use the help!


  1. T- I have always said I need a wife....for all the reasons your sister feels that the gay guy completes her life. I need a wife to take care of the things in my life that I have little time to's common for all of us to have a little of that "it must be nice" it's not that it's not nice to say it, we are all just a little jealous. Life is demanding when you are a single parent, trying to fill the shoes of both parents, when the dad is still coming the way, will your mom come help me paint my new house?



  2. The only thing i know to be true about gay men is all the ones I know are frustratingly hot! Usually my other friends that are girls are buddy buddy with my gay guy friends, so I don't try to fight them for them.

    I have one good guy friend, who is not gay, but feels he is misgendered. He is really really cool, and super fun to hang out with, and of course, really good looking.


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