Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Perfect Mix: Friends and Vodka

I had a housewarming party this past Saturday night. I love throwing parties. I actually chose all of the homes I've lived in based on how good they'd be for entertaining. I really get into the details of them but not to the point that I'm Sandra Lee or anything. I like to see people have a good time. And I like to have a great time too!

Boy did I have a great time.

I am a big fan of martinis. My mother-in-law got me started on them back in the early-90's. She and my father-in-law always had "happy hour" on Friday afternoons. He liked a good dirty martini. She went for your basic vodka martini with a twist of lemon. One day, she offered one to me. I tried it and really enjoyed the taste and the nice warm buzz I felt after a few sips. I began ordering them at restaurants and soon discovered the Cosmopolitan martini. I began introducing my girlfriends to them and well... now its all the rage, isn't it? (And no, I'm not taking credit but it is fun to be ahead of a trend, no?)

I kicked off my party with my new favorite, a Pomegranate martini. Whew! After the first one, I was very affectionate with my guests and non-discriminatory about whom I was affectionate with. After the second one, I was serenading the crowd with my brother playing guitar. I suppose I'm a bit of a lush, aren't I?

I have a friend visiting from Florida. She's never seen me like this nor has she met any of my friends. I was worried the next day what everyone thought of my actions. I am a single mom so I always feel that I have to have my stuff together. I enjoyed letting go, if just for one night.

So far, all of my friends have said that it was very obvious I was enjoying myself. They said that I was pretty much the same T they know, just a little more "T" than they usually see.

My friend who's visiting later told me, "I love your friends. And they seem to love you just the way you are."

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Hooray for friends. And vodka!

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    I had a margarita before I got on the plane to ALB heading out, which I never drink at airports, but we were all crammed so close together at the chili's I figured why the hell not. It was pretty fun (and funny) to step a littel outside my bounds. HTe Dallas Love Field Airport is WAAAYYYY better then DFW in my opinion. I am glad you got the opportunity to have fun with your friends. I hope I make some more friends to have fun with in Washington.

    There is not much better than good people and good times.
    Wishing you the best, I am a mudslide or white russian girl myself.


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