Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can Mommy catch a break?

Do your kids let you go to the restroom in peace?

I'm just sayin'.

My oldest daughter will not even allow us in the room with her when she has to go. Yet she has no problem standing there talking to me when I'm trying to have a little...um.. me time. So imagine my surprise at the turn of events on Saturday afternoon.

After my daughter's first soccer game (yay!!) Saturday morning, I was tired. This new schedule of getting up at the crack-ass of dawn is wearing all of us out. It was a nice cool early afternoon and the kids wanted to play outside.

Sure, I thought, sounds great! And then Mommy can take a nap.

I set up their little play tent in the backyard and went inside. They were playing together very well. After about 20 minutes of checking email and ignoring the huge pile of laundry ever-present on my couch, I went to have some "privacy" before my nap. In walks my always honest first child.

Rose: "Mommy? I have to tell you something."

T: "Ok baby, please make it quick. Mommy's busy."

Rose: "Well, we thought it would be fun to use the watering can in the tool shed as a toilet. I thought I would tell you."

T: "Oh," laughs nervously, "for a pretend toilet, right?"

Rose: "No, as a real toilet. You're not mad, are you? Aren't you glad I told you the truth?"


I went outside to assess the damages and she proudly announced, "We cleaned it up already."

T: "Cleaned it up? What does that mean exactly? And it was just pee, right?"

Rose: "No, it was poop too. Grace went poop in there."

Ugh. They had even taken toilet paper out to the shed. And where did they empty the mess? Right next to the house.

After really getting it cleaned up, I had the kids come in for a nap as well. Obviously I wouldn't be able to relax unless I knew they couldn't get into more trouble.

I got them inside and in their beds. Finally, I crawled under my covers and snuggled up next to my favorite body pillow. Ah, peace and quiet...

*Knock knock! Ding dong!*

An old friend/neighbor decided to stop by and visit my house. My messy house. For the first time ever. Right then. As I was finally relaxing...

Don'tcha just love the random drop by? Oh and did I mention that she brought a friend?

After giving them a quick tour, they thankfully left. Perhaps they figured since my hair was in disarray, I was braless and barely dressed, the kids were in t-shirts and underwear, that maybe they should've called first.

I bid them farewell and tried it again. Ah... I love my bed.

I wasn't asleep 15 minutes when my children came in... obviously not napping.

"Mommy, are you awake? We're hungry."


Ok, Mommy's up. Again.


  1. I know its not funny but that poop and pee story is rather hilarious!!!!!! Beleive it or not I have a similar story - involves my daughter, a jug, pee and my toothbrush!!!!!!

    Days like that just suck though!!!! It actually feels like you dont stop serving!

  2. I used to do that also, for some weird reason it was fun to go in the bucket, my kids peed in cups for a while.

  3. ROFL. Oy vey, the joys of motherhood.

  4. Oh our love for the pop-in. Feeling for you on this one. And is anything really worse that thinking you are going to sink into comfortable slumber and then being interrupted numerous times before finally just giving up. I hate that. Maybe tomorrow...

  5. I could definitely relate this Wednesday morning! There are times when I just crave 5 minutes peace... or a little privacy. (I seem to have given up both the day my daughter arrived!)

  6. This makes me laugh. Every time I think about having kids I am going to read this! ;)

  7. Oh I thought I was reading about me for a second. :) Yeah I can relate. Just a little.

  8. Oh boy. I can't remember the last time I was in the bathroom by myself at home. Even my dog won't stay out. *sigh* I feel your pain girlie.

  9. The watering can story is hilarious. Sorry.

    Power naps! 20 minutes! Do reiki while you take them! Here's hoping 20 minutes comes your way.

  10. Hilarious! Good for you for raising such honest girls.

    And, no, I don't really get much privacy over here, either!

  11. I read this earlier and was laughing so hard I couldn't comment with the tears...

    One of THOSE days, eh?!

    Ah, T. You will be thankful you put it in writing.

    PerĂº's ex-president Fujimori lived on 15 minute power-naps. That is rumored to be the *only* way he slept while governing the country, iron-fisting the Shining Path and allegedly committing all those human rights abuses. So...unless all that is due to sleep deprivation, it IS possible!!!

    Sweet dreams, T. Be well.


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