Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday night heat

I went out with some girlfriends on Friday night and met up with some other people I know. I was thrilled and dying for my poison of choice, vodka. Every other weekend is a childless weekend for me. Sometimes, the 12 days in between leave me in such a state that I'm like a kid at Christmas when its my weekend.

I was a bit anxious about the evening because I knew I'd run into someone in particular. This 'someone' and I have a chemistry that's palpable. We try to fight it but... some things cannot be denied. Or they can, but the denial makes it all the more desirable.

I told myself I would be a good girl. And then, my 'someone' came into view. We smiled, greeted and hugged, as normal. I'm not sure others could sense it but I knew, the good girl had just gone bad.

We'd all had a few but the vodka wasn't doing it for me. I switched to water in an attempt to stay sober and control my actions. But this someone was looking at me from across the table. This someone began caressing my hand. At the touch, I could feel parts of me melting. We knew we had to get away from the crowd.

I've talked to my soldier about this someone. He wasn't surprised, but in fact, wanted to hear all the details of the previous times I had been with this someone. My soldier knows that chemistry does not mean love. He knows that my heart belongs to him. Besides, he has something that this someone doesn't have.

I never know how to act around this someone. We try to play it cool. We're just taking a walk to the back of the bar, into a quiet place where no one can see us. I can't ever read if this someone is feeling the same craving as I am. I suppose I don't hide it as well.

Then, in the dimly lit privacy of our quiet place, this someone grabs my face and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. I'm already breathing heavier. I'm already feeling warm and my skin is tingling with energy. I feel hands on my breasts and I am riding the thigh of this someone. We want to tear the clothes off of each other.

"We can't do this here. What are we going to do? What if we get caught?"

It shouldn't be a big deal but we're both desperately trying to stay clothed, hands reaching under shirts, down into the darkness of jeans unfastened. We're panting, shaking, fighting the desire as it builds. Maybe it wouldn't be so intense if we'd never been there before. Maybe it wouldn't be so heated if it wasn't so forbidden.

We were interrupted. We didn't go any further. We smiled, readjusted our clothing and did our best to slow down our breathing.

"Surely we can meet another time. How and when?"

We both have busy schedules. The last time I saw this someone was 3 months ago at this same bar and... the same thing happened. We're never able to connect outside of the one-off chance we'll be out at the same time. This someone is in a relationship as well. And its sort of a complicated situation.

I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to get together and that's ok. Maybe its just something that feels good to both of us at the time. Maybe its just something that we both need as highly sexual individuals. We learned that we're quite alike in that aspect upon our initial meeting. Even then, we knew that something fiery would happen between us.

So, perhaps the next time we're at that little English pub, we'll still sneak off to our quiet place away from the crowd and let the heat build between us. It wouldn't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time that....

I kissed a girl. And I liked it.


  1. Wow. You left me breathless.

    I had, twice...found myself, back in my 20s, attracted strongly to two different girls. Never had anything come of it, and wouldn't have the guts to allow it to, anyway.

    But I have always wanted a threesome. My lover wanted to give me a threesome, even to go as far as interviewing other women to find the perfect one who would make it all about my pleasure, and he would learn from that--so certain was he that only women know exactly how to give pleasure to other women, so why not learn from a master? Interesting perspective. I, of course, liked the "all about me" part--although I don't know how much of that I could handle, either.

    Great post, T. I'm thrilled you can be so honested with your soldier. Question: Do you think/know if he finds that stimulating, therefore allowing him to be more supportive and understanding of this chemistry between you two?

    Be well, T.

  2. You GO GIRL!!!!!!

    What a totally hot moment!!!!!

    ML has an interesting question. MR Heartbreaker loved the idea of me with another women! It was a huge fantasy for him!

  3. You guys are so good to me!! Great comments!!

    Do I think my soldier finds it stimulating? Um, well we're talking about a guy who hasn't had sex in nearly a year. Yes, he finds it endlessly fascinating and wants to hear every detail. Over and over again. :)

  4. I kissed a girl and I liked it TOO!
    Gotta go cool off now

  5. The whole time I was reading this, that song was going through my head.....and low and did not disappoint me...



  6. Well, now I know why you were so looking forward to going out that night!! ;) Sounds like a pretty hot time there in TX to me!

  7. Do not have this conversation around my husband, that cracked me up. I'm taking notes, that's all I'm sayin today. :)

  8. Kissin' girls is cool.

  9. I am glad you had fun, but this is one of his worst nightmares. He is not into it at all. He caught his girlfriend in bed with another girl and he flipped, and broke up with her. He is one person and one person only, dating, sleeping, liking, whatever. I don't think he could date two people at once ever. For him this would be the same to him as if I were having an affair with a guy, he makes no differentiation. I don't care about it one way or another, I find it interesting that he is so one person focused if that makes sense.

  10. OK....cold shower time!!!!

    it's almost like someone left a piece of fire wood in my pants.

    Damn you.

    If you told your soldier about it...tell us...where would you go? What would you do?

  11. There are some stories that I have to keep to myself. ;)

    It is interesting hearing everyone's opinions about this topic. It seems that the world is getting a lot more open minded these days...

    Anyone else? (I've heard that blogger is not allowing some comments for some reason.)

    Email me if you have problems commenting. I'd still love to hear your thoughts!

  12. When does the pay per view webcam feed start up? (kidding!)

    Clearly, I'm hanging out in the wrong bars.

  13. I know exactly where you're coming from. I kissed a girl for the first time about four years ago and I loved it too. It's so different to kissing a guy - not better, just different.

    It started me off on this summer of girl kissing. I've kissed about six women since and had two very unexpected threesomes. It was an interesting time. Girls are sensual. But I will still always prefer men.

  14. I emailed you that I tried to comment on this one before -- and it didn't stick. Maybe my fingers were too hot on the keyboard?

    Dang, this is good. You have a whole book here. I'm really impressed by your writing.

  15. Holy shit!
    thats hot right there!!!

    of course he wanted to know the details!
    Hell yeah he did!
    I do too!



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