Thursday, September 18, 2008

May I hold your flute please?

I attended a Kirtan concert tonight with some friends from the yoga studio. I met this guy.




He is amazing. I wish I could find a recent photo of him. His hair is all shoulder length and curly. (Ok, guys with great hair do it for me too. ) And he has flutes of all different sizes. I like that he has options.

I had to meet him. He won me over the second the breath left his mouth and out of the long carved piece of wood came the most beautiful music.

He greeted me with a hug and held me for quite a while. He also ran his fingers through my hair as we hugged.


I'm still vibrating from that man's energy.


  1. Tell me T - is there a man alive these days that you don't find attractive in one way or another? ;) (Your energy is amazing!!) (Or should I have said a "person" ? ;) )

    That soldier of yours better have lots of energy on his return...!

  2. Ha ha ha ha!! So true!!

    My girlfriends these days just look at me, smile and say, "How much longer til he's home?"

  3. You are funny!

    You might kill your soldier, you know that, by overwhelming him so much! ;)

    I am sure you are just about to explode. Hang tight, sister. The goods are coming back to you soon.

    Be well, T.

  4. You can hold my flute, anytime!

    Wish I had long hair.

  5. There are just sooo many beautiful men in the world arent there ;o)

    Hope your soldier knows what he is in for when he gets home!!

  6. Did you hold his "flute"?

    It seems that you think about sex....almost as much as I do

  7. Wow he looks interesting...or his music does. That's great you were able to take the kiddos to this.

  8. Yeah, everyone is saying that I'm going to tear things up with my soldier but you all forget that its been a year for him too!!!

    And KK - I did not take the kids to this though they would've loved it. Too late for a school night.


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