Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time to buy an iPod

I am probably the last person on the planet who doesn't own an iPod but after seeing this commercial for an iPod attachment**.... I may just have to go out and buy one.

Perhaps I should say every single mom needs one of these as well??

**Warning: Not for the faint at heart or to be opened at work. And you can't tell me that girl isn't sizzling hot!!!


  1. Oh yeah...I saw this a while back. That looks like My Kind!

    Be well, T.

  2. Yeah, you have to wonder if that actually works. My tiny iPod probably wouldn't give that much kick. I say forget the iPod and spend your money on this:

    Worth every penny and you'll be making your own music. ;)

  3. From a family that owns every version of the IPOD ever made (well except the iphone and the itouch because, well they just are not all that, they have more issues then my teens) to include the new one that just came out in the really cool colors (my oldest needs an upgrade, don't even ask), alot of the accessories don't really work the way they say they do.....we have drawers full of them.....and not the kind of drawers or accessories you are talking about.

    I will tell you that the best ones I have ever bought came from Bose, so if they made this one, I say buy the iPod and the vibrator, otherwise, I say crank up the stereo, and use the one you have, better yet.....wait a couple weeks, let the passion build up, put on Enigma.....and it's all the better to have the SOLDIER please you.....

    I prefer other "things" and I'm not elaborating, sorry......

  4. Actually, I really just admired her taste in American folk art -- you know, that wooden pig she probably bought at the local craft fair.


    (Thanks for the "don't open at work" warning! I saved it for home.)

  5. Well I didn't get to see the ad though I'm sure I've seen it some time before. However,we are an Ipod free house so you are not the only one. :)

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