Saturday, November 15, 2008

Master and Slave

You were the master
I was the slave

You drove
I held on for the ride

You called
I answered

You pulled me in
I couldn't resist

You pushed me away
I stepped back and waited

You wanted to see more
I showed you all of me

You wanted me to go further
I kept going and going

You said stop
I stopped and waited

You wanted my touch
I gave you my hands

You wanted to be held
I gave you my arms

You wanted to come
I gave you my throat

You wanted space
I looked the other way

You tested me
I passed with flying colors

You suffocated me
I enjoyed it

You wanted me to trust you
I could have died while doing it

You wanted to penetrate
I offered up every orifice

You wanted me to beg
I was on my knees

You squeezed me hard
My body caved for you

You needed to grip
I offered my hair

You wanted to explore
I went willingly

You were right
I was wrong

What you didn't know was
I chose to do this

You never had the control
It was me, all along

And I knew it, even as I obeyed your every command
I cursed your name in my head
I laughed out loud at the experience of it
Every bit of the pleasure pain
And how it was expanding my horizons
For the next one.

I did it
For you
For me
And it was GLORIOUS

I offered you my body to do with whatever you wished
because I knew, way down deep....

You didn't have Me.
Not the Real Me.

I am not my body.

I am.


  1. This is so incredible and so beautiful I don't have words.

    You are an amazing woman and I stand her in total and complete awe of you.


  2. Wow.

    I am going to have more wine and read this again.

  3. Very well written and beautiful. That's DEEP!!! You have an eloquent way of expressing yourself. Kudos to you!

  4. wow
    very deep

    excellent post.

    Isn't every man fooling himself when he believes he is in control??

  5. You wrote. I read.
    Powerful! Just powerful

  6. You made me cry...

    So so powerful!

    Very nice T...


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