Thursday, November 13, 2008

Music to empower you

Ironically, this was the song that my friend Joe and I danced to last year at our high school reunion. Joe was the friend who gave me Soldier's email address so that we could reconnect. I guess I've come full circle with this song.

Without sounding like a woman scorned (because I'm not), I am looking for songs of empowerment, songs of moving forward...

Since you all did so well when I needed music to help me feel sexy, help me out here. I'm looking to groove my way past all this.



  1. Girl, throw on some Alanis and growl! Sing at the top of your lungs!

    Then make yourself a good margarita or pina colada and chill to some Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffet. Nothing like a little tropical music to make you forget all your worries and cool the soul.

  2. I love a song called love this life (I think) by Big N Rich
    It is such a beautiful ballad:)
    and I agree with kk about Kenny Chesney

  3. Martina McBride "Anyway". Very powerful song and quite appropriate.

  4. I love readking your blog. I love this song and the Martina McBride song. Gary Allan "Life Ain't Always Beautiful"

  5. I play Tool.

  6. I hate this song. I like her until she came out with this video. Ugh. And now that she's done this big "name change" move, I am so done with her.

    ANYWAY, yeah... get past this!

    I recommend Jo Dee Messina!

  7. Oh and... It's My Life ~ by well YOU KNOW WHO!

  8. I listen to different things, depending on my mood that day:
    "I Don't Need a Man" -Pussycat Dolls

    "I Will Survive" -a classic

    "So What" -Pink

    "Almost Doesn't Count" -Mark Wills or Brandy

    I also have to agree with dadshouse...Tool is a good choice.

  9. I LOVE music...especially to run to but certain songs empower me in different ways.

    Work That- Mary J. Blige

    Whatcha Think About That- The Pussycat Dolls (this one is fun...not so serious)

    Can't Hold Us Down- Christina Aquilera

    The Worlds Greatest- R. Kelly

    These are all on my rotation on my IPOD.

    Fair warning.....Stay away from Country Music!!! HA HA!

  10. Oh I thought of another good band...
    Try "Champagne High" by Sister Hazel. They're a fun band out of FL. It has nothing to do with breaking up, but it's such a feel good song.

  11. I second the Alanis rec.

    Also, anything by Ani DiFranco.

    Evanescence (debut album) is good to scream along to.

  12. Survivor by Destiny's Child
    I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
    Better Things to Do by Terri Clark
    Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
    Take You Back by Brad Paisley
    Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing by Brooks & Dunn
    It Happens by Sugarland

  13. The Diva picked up a song that she likes to sing when feeling put out... I had no idea she picked it up until we left the shop...

    "If you're going through Hell, " and I have no idea who sings it. That enpowers her though (and yes, she is just 8)

    I find myself singing "Oh Child, things are gonna get easier" or "Jagged Little Pill" or even Howard Jones...

    Okay, no one needs to say it, I am weird!!

    What about "RESPECT?" (I am really dating myself) or U2?

    I just sing whatever pops into my head... and usually it is the right song for the moment.

    And I can't forget to add "Staying Alive!"

    I love the idea. You will have to make a list of what you come up with

  14. One Way Ticket - Leanne Rhimes (not sure if that's spelled right!)
    I love you, girl!

  15. T - so many good songs to choose from the suggestions above (and, yeah, Exception, I'd belt out RESPECT any day -- I guess I'm "vintage!"). One song I think you'd like, albeit empowering in a softer way is "Rain" by Patty Griffin. I love her voice and the lyrics really struck a chord with me (so to speak); I think they might with you, too.
    Keep singing, babe.


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