Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New friends, single parents and chocolate cake sex

Hmmm.... let's see. The latest in my life:

  • Remember Gia, the stripper that I bonded with on that evening out with Soldier? I gave her my email address that night so that we could stay in touch. Soldier told me later, "She's never going to call you. They always say they'll call or email but they never do." Well, guess what? She emailed me and we're making plans to get together.

    So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Soldier Boy.
  • I have a new friend with benefits. He's a really sweet guy who also happens to be a single dad. His daughter is Rose's new best pal at school. He's deserving of a blog post of his own so we'll have to cover that another day. In the meantime, his gentle touch is extremely healing to me.
  • I met another single mom today in yoga class. This was the very first time she's taken yoga EVER and she's hooked. I'm not even sure why we started talking but somehow I knew she was a single mom too. Maybe its that exhausted look or the fact that we both agreed that just remembering to breathe seems like a blessing! She's fresh out of her divorce, still feeling raw and lonely. We've also exchanged contact info and hopefully will get together soon. She has a 4 year old daughter.
  • I can barely concentrate at work because I need sex so badly. And I've even had sex recently!! I commented on another blog that it feels like Soldier promised me warm, rich, moist chocolate cake for a year and then showed up with vanilla ice cream. I mean, I like vanilla ice cream but when your mind's set on chocolate cake....

    I'm still waiting for my CHOCOLATE CAKE DAMMIT! I can have other desserts. I enjoy them but I can resist them. If you put chocolate cake in front of me, just give me a fork and get out of the way. And I mean that in every way possible. I need a fork. A good fork. Oh and definitely chocolate cake. Warm and Moist. *sigh*
  • I heard this song today and it made me happy. I couldn't even get out of the car til it was over. I don't even know what it is about this song that makes me happy. But I was singing it the rest of the day with a smile on my face.
  • I'm going on a trip to see some of my bloggy friends for New Years!! I can't wait! My birthday is the end of December so its a great birthday present for me. The ex even gave me his frequent flier miles and booked the plane ticket for me. Is he the best ex ever or what?!?!
  • I found out yesterday that another online friend/acquaintance is in the middle of a divorce. Her daughters are the same ages as mine and she lives locally. I'm hoping she and I can finally meet this weekend too. Hopefully we'll be able to get together more.

Wow... I have lots of new friends in my life. And wonderful single parents to go through this journey with.

Isn't it great that we have each other?


  1. Good friends, are always just that -- Good to have around.

  2. Hell go the whole hog and look for Mississippi Mud cake and if you ever get to Aussie let me know and its great to hear that your geting out of your rut T :)

  3. Sure Solider Boy wishes he had stuck around for your reunion with Gia!!!!

    Glad you have found a friend with benefits!! I wouldnt function without mine!

    mmmm - hope he can provide some chocolate cake! Or at least the frosting!

  4. > I can barely concentrate at work because I need sex so badly. And I've even had sex recently!!

    From the first time I read your stuff the word "hypersexual" kept bouncing around in my head. I don't think it's ever not been something that seemed present in your communications. I dunno what it means, but I wanted to share it with ya in case it does mean something. *shrug*

    I spent many years searching for a woman who had the same level of libido I had. A few times I thought I'd found her but it always turned out that she wasn't actually primarily horny... she was just enjoying some other aspect of sexuality. Control via flirting, excitement and the chase, feeling emotionally valued, or various other true focal points. It sounds like you might be the girl I spent so much effort looking for. ;) I dunno; I can't shake the suspicion that you aren't so much into sex as you are into specific associated trappings... but the suspicion is less strong with you than it's been with anyone else I've wondered about. That's intriguing to me.

    Also, I'm not hitting on ya - though you're certainly hit-on-able; don't feel ruffled. ;) I've spent the last 15 or 20 years working on getting past my obsession with sex. Girls who are obsessive about it terrify me 'cause I've spent way too many years of my life wandering that dead-end pathway.

    Meaning, it's a dead-end path for me. I do not mean to say that it's a dead-end path for everybody.

    Oh, and a final comment - be wary of strippers. That job often creates a mindset that is ... "complicated" is the best word, I suppose. I fell in love with a stripper and learned way more about her and her co-workers than I could've imagined. So I suggest caution about being too vulnerable until you know her better.

  5. Are you still doing the riding and running and such? New friends are great - there is an energy that comes with those relationships that is worth the investment!

  6. Yay T! With your positive attitude you are attracting all this good stuff into your life. Let it keep on rolling in.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I want chocolate cake too: a 7 inch layer cake, no less, LOL!!!

    Enjoy your FWB and all the wonderful people in your life. Woohoo!

  7. Lucky girl! Hooray for Gia and for the FWB. As I blogged recently on my other blog, I feel the same way. It's like I get it and I can't get enough. ARGH!

    And yay for more single mom friends. :)

  8. Are you per chance, heading anywhere fun for your trip? I'm heading somewhere for New Years too. :)

  9. T, just back and catching up. So glad to read all your updates. - S


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