Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My mom was always amazed at the stuff I would come up with while I was sleeping. I wrote many a poem or song lyric after hearing the words in my sleep. I actually used to keep a notebook by my bedside to write all this stuff down. Now that I think about it, I actually problem solve while I'm sleeping too. I can remember many all-nighters of computer programming, getting frustrated and going to bed only to continue to troubleshoot and wake up with the answers. Is that weird?


That was the word that I woke up with this morning.

The word plenty as defined by Webster:

a full or more than adequate amount or supply

As I pondered the word in my shower, I began to realize its significance.

I have plenty of love in my life. Plenty of blessings. Plenty of things to be thankful for.

With that word in mind, I went through my day looking for all the plentifulness in my life.

It began with the warmth of my home. I love my house. The kids have their own lovely space to play. I enjoy that I've made my bedroom into a spicy treasure that makes me feel so special. I like that we don't have a TV in the living room which means we're usually talking or coloring or jumping on the mini-trampoline. I love the two big trees in my front yard. I love that my vehicle is nice and comfy in a garage.

I love that the kids and I spent last night cuddled in their playroom watching Pinocchio on the 30 year old TV that used to belong to their grandparents. I was so present with them. I started to get sleepy after drinking my hot tea and so I snuggled up next to Grace. She was so cute, caressing my hair and face as I lay there next to her. How sweet and nurturing! I love that Rose wants to tell me all about her day right when I've tucked them in for the night. I love that she asks all sorts of questions about life and death and goes off to sleep thinking that Mommy knows everything.

I love that my girls know the drill in the mornings and get themselves ready (mostly) without me. I love when I can be patient with them and how they seem happy and so willing to do whatever will continue to please me.

I love knowing that Rose loves her school, her teacher and her friends. I love that Grace will go willingly into her classroom because she is bringing her favorite Disney Princess music to dance to with all of her friends. I love that our home, their school and my work are all within a 5 mile radius.

I love that my friend K wanted to take me out for a sushi lunch. I love that we can talk about anything and that we have always been that way - from our days as friends, to lovers and back to friends again. I love that K still gives me tingles where it counts though we've decided that we're not going to put his marriage in jeopardy again. (I love WILLPOWER!)

I love that my job is filled with wonderful people who genuinely care about me. I love that I, in effect, have about 7 or 8 husbands at work who help me to remember that I don't really need anyone else to clean up after! (Sheesh! I feel sorry for those guys' wives sometimes!) I love that the guys at work always check on me, making sure there's a smile on my face and if there isn't, will gladly offer me a hug or a word of appreciation. I love that they frequently tell me that my best feature is my smile.

I love that I can call my mom on the drive home from work and laugh with her about how sexually frustrated I am. How I can share with her that Soldier promised me quite the sexual fantasy for about 6 months and didn't come through the way I'd hoped. I love that she gets me, thinks I'm hilarious, knows that I've been with women and doesn't judge a single word that comes out of my mouth. I love that she will laugh so hard at what I say that she can barely breathe. I love knowing that she thinks I'm funny as hell and that any man who doesn't see my complete awesomeness is blind, deaf and dumb.

I love knowing, though my dad's best friend died last night, that it gives me some peace. My father was so frightened of dying because he didn't want to be alone. Its good to know that his best pal is hangin' out with him, listening to The Beach Boys, working on cars and drag racing at the track in the sky. And only a year after my dad's own death.

I love going to pick up my girls from school and seeing my best pal, Gem, the school's principal, who makes me giggle as soon as I see her. I love that my kids come running and throw their arms around me when I see them. I love that Gem, who is a beautiful, single and childless woman, wants to go bowling with me and the kids this weekend because we always have fun. I love knowing that my children adore her and that she and I will talk about random life stuff while the kids bowl. And we'll laugh with each other uncontrollably because we're silly like that.

I love taking my kids to a nice home-cooking restaurant where we munch out on homemade rolls before dinner comes. I love that Grace wants to crawl into my lap and be held like a baby while we wait for our food. (How much longer will that last, I wonder?) I love that Rose is reading everything now! (time to put away my favorite "Get the Fuck Away from me" PMS t-shirt.)

I love that my kids are well behaved and eat all their veggies before downing their Oreo dessert. I love that they always open the Oreos and lick the insides first. And that each of them did that the first time they had Oreos without prompting by me or their dad.

I love that we could walk next door and look at fun Christmas decorations and sing Christmas songs together as we walked through the aisles. I love that when I say, "We're not buying anything. We're just looking," they believe me and don't ask to buy anything.

I love that we could drive home singing our new favorite Katy Perry song (and the theme song for my weekend with Soldier) on the radio. I love that Rose suggested that we need to get back to my hometown to visit my 90+ year old grandma and grandpa. I've been thinking it and she, of all of us, suggested that we go soon. (I wonder if she knows something I don't?)

I love that their dad calls to wish them good night. I love that I could run them a bath and they would get clean, brush their teeth and get their PJs on (almost) without prompting. I love that they're all snug in their beds and its still early enough for me to get out this blog post and get on my bike trainer before bed.

I love my bed and my soft Egyptian cotton sheets.

I love my life.

I don't know what prompted me to wake up with that word in my head but I appreciate the reminder of the abundance in my life.


  1. How's that for perspective?! Yay for you!

  2. Nice. You know, I need to do a post like this. I feel like most of the time I write about disappointment and things I'm lacking. But I really have a lot of good stuff, too.

  3. That is a marvelous plenty! It was encouraging to read this right now. I love blogging!

  4. Just when I think things are at there worst I read your blog and it was so uplifting,I have a similar relationship with my Dad we are able to talk about anything.
    My mum passed away about a year and half ago and he rung me to talk about sleeping over at a friends place (his words not mine) was he betraying mums memory I told him to go for it as thats what mum would want so he's thinking about it.
    I find your words so uplifting and inspirational

  5. Your words always make me think. Today I will think of the plentitud (is that an English word?!) in my life. Thank you.

    Be well, T.

  6. This is beautiful.

    And this is exactly how I get through every day. We really are so incredibly lucky to have so much - especially our children - all in one piece and under our own comfy roofs.

    Love the no TV in the living room. Good for you!

  7. Fantastic, I was just saying the same things to my other yesterday. Recently we both lost our jobs, then found new ones (not as good though) and other stressful things. I keep saying we are ok, everything is all right, we have jobs, we have each other, a nice place to leave we are doing pretty damn good and it could be a lot worse. We have plenty as well in our lives, music, books, love and more. This was a great post.

  8. I don't make a Gratitude list often enough. It helps me when I get down or anxious about something.

    Way to go, T. Your life sounds FAB!

  9. How awesome. I love the detail and care with which you appreciate your life, T! If we all took the time to reflect on our blessings like this on a regular basis, the world would be a much better place. I have a gratitude buddy that I send my list to on a pretty regular basis, and I find the practice to be very powerful. It's like retraining the brain to be grateful instead of complain.

  10. I have notecards next to my bed - I'm always thinking creative thoughts and problem solving while I sleep!

    Plenty is a good word. You have much to be grateful for! How nice that you choose to focus on the good in your life, and be aware of the things that bring you joy, rather than magnifying fears and insecurities and delusions. You're awesome like that!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration at this tough time. Then I read the comments by your readers here, and see further reminders that things are just things...and moments are just that. Oddly, I wrote these words this morning before reading yours:

    "So, we sacrifice a bit, but things are just that."

    Now, if I could just get my son to eat a vegetable...period!

  12. I don't think Ihave ever heard of someone else actually solving things in their sleep. I can't believe sometimes that I come up with solutions after a nap or a nights sleep. Our minds are a wonderful thing!!!

  13. Great post! I also debug code in my sleep. Cool.

  14. The thoughts and images that happen in our sleep are amazing. Ther is nothing like a shower to bring them out!

    Have you read the book Simple Abundance?


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