Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Favorites

I was up early this Thanksgiving morning, warming up my body with some yoga before heading out to pick up Mom. Mom and I first ran the annual Turkey Trot last year in downtown Dallas. I had only just begun running as part of my fitness regimen again and that event was the first for me.

Running a 5K has become our favorite way to begin Thanksgiving day. Mom and I have vowed to do it every year.

On the drive to Mom's, I tried not to think about Soldier. Last year he'd sent me a very sweet email encouraging me before the event. I'm wondering how much longer things are going to make me think of him.

I always forget how crazy it is to attempt to run while surrounded by 34,000 other people, dogs, strollers, children... I spend most of the run bobbing and weaving through the crowd. I suppose it could be annoying to some but I'm always inspired by the random sights along the route.

Some of my favorites:
  • A couple dressed as a pilgrim and Indian
  • Various bands performing along the route
  • People gathering on the roof of or outside of their fun downtown loft apartments to cheer us on
  • A dog dressed as a turkey, complete with feathers
  • A dog dressed as a turkey... cooked!
  • One silly guy in his apartment, running on a treadmill and waving as we ran by him

By the time Mom and I met up at the finish line, we were both smiling and ready for some turkey!!

Before our departure, I was drawn to a particular band called Voodoo Blue that were playing on the plaza. They are a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band and man, were they good!! Stevie Ray's a Texas favorite so they drew quite a crowd.

My favorite part: dancing with a homeless guy to the music. I couldn't help myself... and his toothless grin told me that he couldn't help but let the music move his feet as well.

I checked my cell phone after we returned to my car. My FWB had texted me a Happy Thanksgiving message. That was very thoughtful!

I stopped by my ex-sister-in-law's house to pick up the girls from their dad before heading up to my sister's for dinner.

The ex was especially affectionate. Very weird. Of course, he was drinking and he always did get more emotional and affectionate when alcohol was involved. *sigh*

My favorite part of spending time with my siblings: When my sister, brother and I get together, we're always laughing and picking on each other. I'm always amazed at how we fit right in together without missing a beat.


My goodness we are blessed.

My Thanksgiving meal time favorites:
  • the cheese-potato casserole that my sister makes every holiday. A long standing holiday staple.
  • the Puerto Rican beans and rice that my brother-in-law makes. Oh my... the spices alone make my tongue happy!
  • the ham... YUM! My sister and I did a ham with Coca Cola. Wow!
  • Cajun-fried turkey brought over from Louisiana by my brother. SO moist and juicy.
  • Mom's cranberry salad (ala Mema's cranberry salad). It was my dad's favorite as well.
  • Meat and potato dressing - again something my dad's mom used to make.

I had to laugh when looking over the table. You can tell we weren't raised with many vegetables in the house. The only green was the salad that I made. And the only thing missing were my Grandma's hot tamales. But I'm not sure I would've had more room on my plate (or in my belly)! Whew!

Now, the kids have had their relaxing bubble baths and their favorite: Mommy's winter almond oil massage.

Its bedtime for them. I'm sure I'll be right behind them.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving:
  • Snuggling with my girls as they retire to their beds
  • Feeling that worn-out tryptophan feeling from the turkey
  • Crawling under the sheets for a long night of rest
  • Warm thoughts of family and blessings
  • Being able to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving
  • No work tomorrow!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

    Be lazy tomorrow
    yay for no work!

  2. That must be as close to perfect as a Thanksgiving can be! (Especially because the running makes the later gorging almost guilt free, I would imagine!) I suddenly became so hungry upon hearing everything on the table.

  3. Wow you are blessed. We all are:)

  4. The 5k is a great idea before the Thanksgiving feast! :)

    I always feel a bit bad for persons who don't have or don't get along with their siblings. I wouldn't trade mine for the world on holidays like this.


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