Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 Random Things (and then some)

My grandma turned 95 today. Oh my! When I called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday, I said, "95?! Mema, that's just CRAZY!"

She said, "Crazy? Nah, that's just fact!"


I've discovered a website through a few other blogs that is great for Christmas shopping. Have any of you seen or heard of

Go to the site and do a search for mature items.

I'm just sayin'. There's some fun stuff there. I mean, who couldn't use some red flannel pasties... keep 'em warm girls!


Hey, apparently more sex means less stress? So, having TNT as a friend with benefits is healing in more ways than previously thought, eh?


Someone tagged me to come up with 16 random things about me. Hmmm... haven't I come up with 3 things already? No? Those don't count? Well... OK:

  1. I drink close to a gallon of water a day. Seriously.
  2. I love to see movies by myself. Yes, even at the movie theatre.
  3. I can resist anything sweet... ANYTHING... except chocolate cake.
  4. One of the coolest things I've ever experienced in my life was scuba diving off the coast of Kauai during a whale migration. I didn't see them but I heard them, loudly, singing to each other in the depths of the ocean. Second to that dive was diving on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Awesome is a huge understatement.
  5. The tip of my nose is cold nearly all the time. Especially in winter.
  6. I frequently feel the need to break into song for no reason. I can't even help it. Often I wish life was like a musical so it would be accepted in normal society.
  7. When I was 8 years old and first learning to ride a bike, I lost control and fell. My father happened to be edging the lawn and I, somehow, fell on the blade. I lost so much blood that I had to stay in the hospital for nearly a month. And relearn how to walk.
  8. I actually slip into meditation while I'm washing dishes.
  9. My mom and I have a sixth sense with each other. We always know when the other one is going to call. Once, we both dialed each other at the exact same time and the phones didn't even ring. We were just... already there.
  10. I am extremely sensitive to scents. I get nauseous around flowery perfumes. The only scents I can tolerate are vanilla and some fruit smells.
  11. I LOVE hotels. I have ever since I was a child. I have no idea why. Even when I traveled extensively with work, I never grew tired of hotel rooms.
  12. I still think Bugs Bunny was the best cartoon series like ever.
  13. All of my grandparents lived to their mid-90's (and counting). I may be here a while.
  14. In this well-known video of Elvis Presley, check out the guy on stand-up bass. That's my Uncle Chuck. Yep, he played with Elvis for the first few years. Let's just say my family is HUGE on Elvis.
  15. I love baseball games on the radio.
  16. I will be turning 39 years old in 17 days... and I hint to everyone I know that I would like a surprise birthday party when I turn 40 next year. (hint hint)


  1. Gosh that accident sounds HECTIC T!!! WOW!!

    And happy happy to Granny ;)

  2. The tip of my nose is almost always cold too! Apparently, for Stryker, it never gets old to tease me about it.

  3. Hahaha so glad I now know 2 other people whose nose is almost always cold!

  4. Happy Birthday Grandma!!

    I'm right there with you on 1 & 8.

    These were some great answers, sweetie! Loved reading them.


  5. I frequently feel the need to break into song for no reason.

    My grandmother did mother does this...and I'm starting to do it. It was inevitable.

    Frankly, I don't see the problem in life becoming one big musical. :)

  6. Ditto on #s 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12. Capricorn thing, maybe?

    Yikes on #7!!! :(

    You need to teach me how to resist sweet things. No can do. ;)

  7. Oh, I like that list. I am working on my 100 thing list; maybe one day I'll post it. Who knows. Happy, Happy Birthday to your Grand-mama! What a wonderful age to celebrate!!

    Have a great Friday, T! Be well.

  8. I love Grandma with her, "No it's fact." That is true and funny at the same time. Fact.

  9. I have long loved etsy...but I have to say, I've never looked for mature gifts on there. Hmmmmm.

  10. Thanks for sharing and great new pic.

  11. You wrote:
    "Hey, apparently more sex means less stress?"

    Finally, an answer to why my stress level is through the roof!

  12. That relearning to walk thing caught me off guard! That's a whole heckuva lotta blood to lose, T.

    Yet, if anyone could do it, it's you. :)

  13. I need what's under those pasties! lol. Here I'm trying to conjure up a coffee house date, and you're getting stress-busting action. You go, girl.

  14. Haha leave it to you to look for "mature" gifts on etsy. You totally deserve a suprise party for your 40th! With a hot tub for your cold nose.

  15. My grandma is almost 98... love those older folks. Flannel pasties?? Hmmm I must investigate

  16. Lol! Flannel pasties! I wish my lif was a musical. My roomie and I love to burst out in song all the time. We were harmonizing at the mall today and someone told us that we sound great together :)

  17. No. 7 with the accident had me holding my breath. We're so blessed to have you here!!

  18. The brides butt is always cold when she touched me with it at night!!

    I love love love vanilla! My fave scent.

    39 huh? Dang girl you are olddddddd hehe
    Happy birthday.

  19. > So, having TNT as a friend with benefits is healing in more ways than previously thought, eh?

    Maybe. In the same way that a band-aid is healing. But actual surgery is way more useful than surface soothing if the wound or disease is serious enough. Dunno if surgery is required; that's just a tentative opinion based solely on insights gathered via blog posts... so it's not something that even I feel all that confident about.

    But yes, casual sex offers all kinds of benefits, especially in the short term, and as long as you're havin' it you might as well capitalize on the perks!

    My mom sang or whistled almost constantly as I grew up, and she still does so. It's one of my favorite traits about her. I suspect that your girls will feel the same. Awesome!

    > We always know when the other one is going to call. Once, we both dialed each other at the exact same time and the phones didn't even ring. We were just... already there.

    Cool! I have experienced this with 2 or 3 people in my life, and it's always amazing to me. I hear about others having the same experience, and it's always really exciting for me to hear about. :)

    I love hotels, too. I can hardly sleep 'cause I'm so thrilled, when I get the chance to spend a night in a hotel room.


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