Sunday, December 28, 2008

A dose of E for my birthday

For my birthday, my brother wanted to write a guest post for me.

I give you.... a dose of E, my brother:

Hello all! Just a quick note to the T fan club. After knowing my sister for.... eh.... all my life, I've come to know this: It's cool to have a hip and groovy chick to help raise you from birth. When I was born she was just a 10 year old hippie. Although it did cost me my eye brows whenever I didn't answer fast enough on the questions of... who are all the Monkees, Beatles, Duran Duran, and what did they play? As I lay helpless beneath her straddle while she was armed with tweezers waiting to pluck. Thankfully the hairs grew back when I was 4. But I did learn that sometimes you just have to lose a few hairs in life to gain knowledge. Was it all part of her master plan? Hmmmm... I say with an inquisitive eye brow. (which is still grown in and just trimmed from my barber) My nervous twitch has since then vanished. I'm now comfortable with people getting close to my face again.

She... has been a light in my life, no doubt. Growing up, I would listen to her sing in bands and was totally carried by her voice. I was her biggest fan. STILL AM! She has since blossomed into a beautiful mother of two. Which just happen to be my nieces by the way. I love them to death and have the joy of playing Uncle Wee Wee with all my nieces and nephew. I can definitely appreciate the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me.

I grew up with a great all-American family that turned right around and produced ANOTHER odd little bunch. And my sister T is one. She is just a single digit in this gaggle of people I have in my family. But if you were to stack us all in a room with the light off, it would still be lit because T would be there. I love you T! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Always! Your baby bro!

And this has been....
Your dose of E!


  1. happy birthday! sage sent me. may you have many more. have a naughty one, as well

  2. Happy Birthday T. Have a great day.

  3. Hey there! I left you a comment on iHeart but thought I'd drop by and leave one here as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I very much enjoy reading your blogs and knowing you by "virtual" association. Hopefully, we'll be able to plan that Texas meet-up and meet face to face. Until then, enjoy your your birthday and the wonderful things that the new year will bring you and your precious girls!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sugar.

    My best wishes for this being the happiest year yet.


  5. Awwww. That is such a fabulous tribute from your bro. Sounds like you have basically been a hip and groovy chick from birth. :)

    Wishing you a beyond spectacular birthday, dear wonderful T!

  6. Happy Birthday, T! And here's to scaring the crap out of little brothers!! :)

  7. T - what a great post from your brother. I have five brothers...and although I lost one a few years ago - I dont know how any of them feel about real life. haha. What an awesome gift to you - and you no doubt deserve it!

    Much love ~


  8. Sage sent me your way..

    Cool post from your brother.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Your brother sounds like a hoot!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet One. I hope next year is better than last and the next better yet!!

  11. Happy birthday!!! I hope it's a wonderful day!

  12. Happy Birthday T- I hope it is a great one!


  13. How sweet! So, you were ALWAYS that mischievous?

    See you soon for a birthday celebration!! Can't wait!

  14. Poppin' over from Sage's.
    Happiest of Bdays!! =)

    (what a sweet post from your bro)

  15. Hope you had an awesome birthday, T!

    Here's to many more and a great new year!


  16. That's pretty darned sweet. :-) Happy birthday, sweet lady.

  17. What a nice sentiment and wonderful gift from your brother. You are a lucky woman to have that in your life.

    Happy Birthday.

  18. Happy Birthday, T! Thanks for the Christmas card, I'm privileged to have known you for all these years. I see great things around the corner for you. Love B

  19. Sorry I missed the big B-Day. Hope you had a great one and have fun in Frisco....You and Rachel should have loads of fun. take care.

  20. Hey, Happy Birthday! Your brother sounds like a great guy. Can't wait to meet you when you visit out here!

  21. happy belated birthday wishes t!


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