Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gratitude with a capital G

The great Exception challenged me to a meme. I don't do memes, normally, because I have so many other thoughts I want to purge in this space. But this one is fun and she did assign me a letter I could work with. The letter "G".

(I'm not tagging anyone for the meme, by the way. Unless you want to just run with it!! It is fun.)

I thought it was about time for another gratitude list! (in no particular order)

  • My GIRLS - Of course!! My Grace and my Rose. They fill my life in so many gracious and glorious ways!
  • Being gainfully employed - always good in my book!
  • Art galleries - I am obsessed with art and back in the day, used to collect original paintings from local artists when I traveled. My home is filled with gorgeous pieces and they each have a story.
  • Gauntlets - Ah yes! I simply wouldn't be where I am today if they had never been laid before me. Don't dare me. That's all I'm sayin'.
  • Garters - Mmm hmmm. I love dressing in the sexy garters and thigh highs. There's nothing quite like wearing them under your work clothes in secret. It totally gets me going.
  • Girlfriends - My girlfriends are all goddesses in my eyes! I never really had lots of girlfriends until I became a mother. I feel completely blessed to have them in my life. (Gem, that means YOU too!)
  • Guyfriends - A favorite in my life for many years. I hope to always have them!
  • Gentlemen - Do I even need to qualify this?
  • Gestures of love - If you're one of my girlfriends, guyfriends or a gentleman in my life, you know how I adore these. It doesn't take much. I have always loved gestures from the heart and knowing I was in someone's thoughts.
  • Giving gifts - Yes, I too love giving. I am that person who will insist you open my gift first so that I can see your reaction.
  • Grocery shopping - I know that sounds like a stretch but I do so enjoy shopping alone. I am a big label reader and I tend to get lost in my shopping. I could be there for hours. I love when my house is filled with food. I don't even mind taking the kids with me because there's this....
  • Great big 300 year old pecan tree that my store built around! My kids love to greet the tree and hug it while I'm loading the groceries in the car. I don't know. It always makes me smile to see them do that.
  • Grandparents - Mema and Papa are both in their mid-90's. Mema turns 96 next week. Whew! We'll be going back home to visit them soon. I'm looking forward to the love.
  • Geeks- I love when a person is completely knowledgeable about a topic that fascinates me. I become all starry eyed while listening to them speak. I also work in Information Technology so I'm a bit of a geek myself. Geeks rule.
  • Grey's Anatomy - Uh huh. And I have it bad for the new back-from-Iraq-damaged Army surgeon. Of course.
  • Gourmet - Well... gourmet anything, really. The ex was an excellent cook who watched Food Network as much as he watched sports (and that's a LOT). I am completely won over by a man who's good in the kitchen. Gourmet chefs rock my world!
  • Good grammar - A must in my book! I am by no means perfect but there ain't nothin' worse than bad grammar. And I come from the sticks!
  • Glee - How can I not be giddy about glee?!?! I am one of those people that glow when I'm gleeful. Everyone can tell when T's in a good mood!
  • Geology - I had a rock collection growing up. I still love gems, rocks and stones and love to visit rock stores when I'm out of town. I sometimes think I could go back to school to become a geologist. It was one of the coolest subjects I studied in college.
  • Guitar - I think its so sexy when a man (or woman) can pick up a guitar and play. I've always been a singer and attempted to play guitar as a teenager. My fingers are so short... I could never get the chords down. I love this instrument. And Spanish guitar is just... yeah. Makes me melt.
  • German shepherds - I grew up with these dogs. I LOVE these dogs. I still miss my sweet baby girl that we had to put down due to cancer many years ago. One day... I'll get another one.
  • Group rides - I feel so relaxed and content after a long cycling ride with a good group. Wow. I just realized that the term "group rides" could be taken in a completely sexual way!! (I like that idea too!) Man, my mind is in the gutter. Ha! I like that too. Gutter minds... are always naughty and fun.
  • Gatherings - I love my study groups, getting together with friends, even when the guys at work gather in my office to hang out.... I just dig when people get together. The energy of a good group will always leave me buzzing!
  • Goodies that may or may not be good for you - Grapes, grapefruits, ginger tea, the new Candy Cane Oreos (Ok, so they don't start with the letter G but WOW......yummy.)
  • Growth opportunities and the guts to get through them - Yes, we all have our life lessons and sometimes they just plain suck. (how's that for good grammar?) But to face them, grow from them and keep moving forward is a beautiful gift from God.
  • And on that note, let's not forget God's Guidance, grace and guideposts (and the gratitude for them) - all of which make life a such a crazy beautiful journey.

What are you grateful for today? For fun, pick a letter and go!


  1. Thanks for the feed.....I love your blog and you!!

  2. You're AWESOME! Oh...sorry...I meant to say GREAT! Mine's going to take some is my Friday, so I can think more a little later about it. But I'll let you know when I get it up has just been A Week.

    Be well, T.

  3. Gotta be giddy for a gal who's gaga for gutter-minded group rides!

  4. Love this! And I love garters too!!!

  5. That's a lotta G's, girlfriend!

    You're downright Gosh-Darn, Galore-iously Grateful!

  6. She gave me the letter "N" and I have been obsessing over NIKE and NUTS....

    GREAT JOB, T :)

  7. How fun! You have a great list here, and I LOVE art galleries too.


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