Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Ending

The room was dimly lit and the strum of a classical guitar wafted through the speakers in the ceiling. She told me what she was going to do to me...but my memory was failing in the relaxation that had taken over my body. I was already lying naked, face down and I couldn't even recall what the room looked like.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

When I listen to my breathing, I can remain present. I didn't want my mind to stray to what was going to happen. The anticipation could have easily swept me away but I wanted to enjoy the waiting.

Slow inhale. Even... slower... exhale.

I was startled as I felt the warm liquid flow over my calves. I felt her hands, strong and sure, as she smoothed the coconut milk over my legs. Her fingers instinctively found their way from my heels and slowly... deliberately... up over my calf, the back of my knee, thighs now....gliding in between my legs and back down again.

Remember to breathe.

She poured sugar over me, blending it with the milk like she was making ice cream with me as the main ingredient. She scrubbed me, revitalizing me... and the scent of it left me longing. I wanted to taste me. I wondered at her reaction should I have reached for her hand and sucked on her long delicate fingers.

Sighing now.

The steam of the hot towel calmed my burning skin. She toweled me clean, as if I'd just stepped out of a shower and not been scrubbed with such sweetness. I couldn't remember what was next.

More fluid warmth dripped sensually as she covered my legs with oil. Every muscle fiber and tendon was massaged with delicate intention. As her fingers traced from the back of my knee up the hamstring to the round tautness at the top of my thigh, I was holding my breath. Her palms slid down, softly between my thighs and back down the inside of my leg until she'd once again, found her starting point at my ankle.


She repeated the exquisite torture on the other leg. I began wishing there were two of them... four hands instead of two sliding, with the wonderful traction that only pure virgin coconut oil can provide, up, down, over and inside, fingertips grazing achingly close... teasing me without even knowing it.

She moved to my back and repeated the pattern.

Milk. Sugar. Hot Towel. Oil.

Leaning over me, I could feel the weight of her as she moved from my shoulder blades, thumbs along my spine, fingers across my ribs and lower back and up, up again over my plump bottom. I never realized the tension I held in the muscles of my ass. She found them. She found such magical points of release.

I rolled on my back at her request.

Milk. Sugar. Hot Towel. Oil.

I knew the pattern well as it was ingrained in the deepest points of my brain. I was craving every bit of this now. Once again, her fingers toyed with my senses. I could feel the moisture building with every caress of her hands along my upper thighs and down across my belly.

Breathe. Heavy breathing now.

As she finished, I wondered how I looked in the dim light, pink and slick and naked. I wanted her to lick the luster from my skin. She had won me over and I couldn't even remember her name... only the mantra in my head:

Milk. Sugar. Hot Towel. Oil.

I was wishing she would continue to work her magic but perhaps her mouth could take over where her fingertips had left me hanging? Where was my happy ending?

Ah, I suppose its up to me. As she left the room, my well-oiled hands slid down my shiny belly to finish the job....


  1. Damn. I'm speechless here.

    Breathing heavy.

    I need a massage like that.

  2. I can't say I've ever had a massage like that...!

    Be well, T.

  3. Wow, that was hot reading, T. I, too, need to find a masseuse like that, and the time to get one.

    I wish I had that reaction at the end of a massage. Usually, I fall asleep.

  4. Mmm. Where DO you get your massages? I've had hot rocks.... but never this!

  5. I love a great massage. And your description is fabulous. I remember the first time I got a massage, the feeling on my calves and hamstrings was unbelievable. It really does take breathing and focus to totally relax those muscles and let go.

    As for happy endings - I sometimes wish "real" masseuses gave them! I hate sketchy massage parlors, and prefer a "real" one that works on athletes. Hot stones are great, too.

    Of course, a girlfriend giving me a massage is best...

  6. WOW, so did this happen to you or you just dreaming? If it was you, wish I was there as either part.


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