Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is this thing on?

Ok lurkers... its time to step up to the mike.

I am amazed to see how many people visit here. Sure, the stats are waning with the insanity that is the holidays, but it still blows my mind to see comments from people I never knew were reading. As with most bloggers, I LOVE comments!

Funny, when I check the search terms in my statistics, the post that gets the most attention is the one on double penetration. Heh. Sorry to disappoint.

I was hoping you all would chime in and say hello? Maybe Merry Christmas (or whatever you're celebrating or not celebrating)? Happy Birthday or something?!? (The 28th, people. The 28th is my birthday.)

What do you enjoy reading about? Is there anything you want to see more or less of?

Strictly out of curiosity, of course, it is my blog and if you've been reading along, you know that I'll do what I want anyway.

Still, its always fun to know who's following along the quest.

The stage is all yours.


  1. I think I am outspoken groupie.........

    but yes the stats kill me too. How can that many people possibly think my babble is interesting enuf to come by?

  2. I'm not a lurker, but I do like reading your blog. Anything you write about I like to read.

  3. I'm a lurker. I enjoy your stories and how you are so honest with all of us!

  4. I just stumbled in from a comment you left somewhere else... Just trying to catch up on you posts. So far, mark me down in the enjoys the honesty column.

  5. Hello! Like JFBreak, I stopped by after seeing your comment on another blog, but teasing me from beneath this window is the post title, "Hippos, Fake Boobs, Lights and Lollipops," and I must now read it.

  6. Hmm. I won't leave a comment today 'cuz I always do...!

    so there.

    We'll think of you at coffee with TE today! Wish I had a digicam...

    Have a great Friday, T. Be well.

  7. Well, if it makes you feel any better, my top post is still the one about dating while lactating....

    We've got to TALK!... Yes?

  8. Happy Early Birthday! By the way, I cannot believe you are turning 39 in a few days!! You don't look or sound anything close to your age.

  9. I'm a total lurker. I found your blog through your comments on other single mom blogs. I'm a single mom. You intrigue me. I wish I do the casual sex thing like you, but I can't. It's weird. Anyways, I've become a daily reader. I love how honest you get. It's very therapeutic.

  10. Lurker here...I wanna hippopotamus for Chrisssstmasssssss.....HA HA...couldn't resist!! It does get stuck in your head!!
    I enjoy the honesty of your blog!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  11. Well I'm not a lurker. Not even a stalker. As with the others, however, I love what I read. :)

  12. I can't remember how I found your blog but I enjoy reading it. I love how descriptive you are, you really make me thing about things sometimes.

    Happy Early Birthday if I am not able to wish you birthday on your actual day!

  13. Your orgasm post was fabulous writing and so brave! I admire that. You really put it out there and from what I can tell, do that regularly. I wish more people would. I'm hooked.

  14. Merry Christmas T,

    I'm not a lurker but I'm into honesty and sex! Thank you for being one of the outermost of the nicest-most in the blogosphere. Happy holidays hope to see you in 2009!

  15. Well, I would like to see more bashing of men not named B so I can feel better about myself. I would also like to read discussions about the joy of black T-Birds, (mine was an 84 Turbo). I think a statistical analysis of the upcoming bowl games would be informative. Maybe I should just start my own blog...

  16. Well I guess I must leave a comment...I LOVE reading your posts, they make me think and I wish I could be so open and honest with people as you are. What's funny is a lot of what you write is what I feel so I sometimes feel like I'm learning about myself in ways I hadn't thought of before.

    You are a great writer!!

  17. Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! I linked to you from another blog... I think it was Single Mom Seeking.

  18. I guess I qualify as a lurker because I don't get to comment as much as I'd like lately. I've made so many blogging friends that I have a hard time keeping up. I usually wind up in the middle of the night reading a few weeks' worth of posts at once and by then it's usually pointless to comment.

    I'm addicted to the stats too's one for you...your blog is the single biggest referrer of traffic to my blog! How bout them apples!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and all that jazz! I'm nearly caught up from my month without a computer so hopefully going into the new year I'll stay on top of things a little better and be able to comment more. Of course, if it's a choice between spending the evening with a guy who sends flowers for no reason AND does the dishes or spending the evening reading single mommy's a good dilemma to have!

  19. Happy Early Birthday! :O)

    'T'...remind me so much of a girlfriend I had when I lived in Texas. Miss her.

    Love reading your blog since I found you, after you found me. :) Yer just so darned honest and real and open. I dig that! And it inspires me to just be FREE!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Merry Christmas T! And Happy Upcoming Birthday. My sister's birthday is the 28th. She hates it; she very often gets a "combined gift" as an excuse to ignore either Christmas or her birthday.

    I've read your blog for about 2 months, I think. I found it from another reader's blog, a single dad. I don't read his anymore - it's apparently locked now?... but I catch up on yours once or twice a week.

    I like your openness as well. I think there's some self-deceit, but I see that in very nearly everyone so it's nothing new. I catch it in myself frequently, indicating that there's a great deal of it that I don't catch.

    I try to moderate my comments 'cause the bulk of your readers are strongly aligned with philosophies different from my own and nobody wants the odd man out to blabber too much. But I very much appreciate that you read all comments without apparent bias, and then do as you wish to do after considering what you've read. That lets me feel comfortable saying whatever I wish to say, 'cause not only will you not take it personally, but also 'cause you won't put undue weight in it. Way cool.

    I hope that your holiday season is spectacular for you and your delightful young ladies! Merry Christmas from the west coast.


  21. I enjoy your honesty, and your grasp that sex is spiritual.

  22. Happy Early Birthday! I admit it, i'm a lurker! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for single parent blogs. What i love about your blog is your honesty and the topics you write about just touch me and depending on the post make me laugh, cry, or just plain smile! Thanks!

  23. I love to read blogs and yours is one of them....I am just so addicted to reading your daily inputts about everything. I love them all!! Happy holidays!

  24. Not a lurker but had to leave some more love.

    My top post is "He called me a milf." Got to love the lowest common denominator mentality :)

    Seriously T, I am so stoked to know you in the blogosphere and I know that if we ever hung out IRL we would have so much fun, sister.

    Happy early birthday to you. You are so beyond utterly fab.


  25. I am definitely not A groupie just an oversexed middle aged man who enjoys perving on everyone else's blogs anyway Merry xmas T to you and yours

  26. Merry Christmas and an early happy birthday for the 28th.


  27. Happy birthday to us, T, my fellow December 28-er. :) I connect to pretty much everything you write, girl. Love it all. And I think you should write about anything your heart desires.


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