Monday, December 1, 2008

Pickles and Ice Cream

Pickle Boy and I have been talking on the phone to each other since we met back in June. We did have a falling out of sorts when he forwardly asked me for a booty call back in early August. After about a month or so of not speaking, I emailed him and said that I missed our conversations. We've enjoyed talking again since then.

PB is a single dad and honestly, a really nice guy. The problem, it seems, is that he lives nearly 2 hours from me and both of our lives are so busy that we're pretty sure dating each other would be difficult.

"You know that we'll probably end up in bed together, T. Why fight it?"

He tells me this nearly every phone call. He's right. I remember the day we met - I was very taken aback at the instant chemistry between us. It's nice though, that the chemistry was there but I've taken 6 months of getting to know him before moving forward with anything.

I saw PB for only the second time this past Friday night.

He didn't even recognize me. When he first/last met me, I had just come in from a very rainy bike ride. I had no makeup, my hair was drenched, my bike clothes were soaked and I was a mess! And yet, he still tells me how hot I was that day. See what chemistry does?

So Friday night, I'm in my best jeans and a turtle neck and he looks at me but it doesn't register that I'm "that girl." We both laughed in recognition less than a minute later.

We were at a really crazy busy bar with my brother and one of PB's friends. The music was loud and the bar was crowded.

And there amongst the chaos, he reached for my hand.

Then his arms were around my waist.

Then he was kissing my cheek at random moments while talking to me (in my ear over the blaring hip-hop).

His friend was embarrassingly drunk and very feisty. The guy told me over and over again how beautiful I was and that I needed to go home with PB.

My brother was bored and getting hit on by a very obnoxious blonde. She even began hitting on me! (Remember the scene in Wedding Crashers where there was a Stage 4 Clinger? Um, yeah.)

PB and I had to part ways. As we did, he pulled me to him for an all out kiss.

The next day he called to tell me that he was thinking about me. We agreed that the comfort level was instant even though we've only been around each other less than 2 hours total.

We're trying to work out a time to go out again. Just the two of us.

I wonder if he'll come through on the Chocolate Cake sex I've been craving. Or if it'll just be more ice cream. (Hopefully full-on 31 flavors!)


  1. He sounds nice T!! I missed the reason for the name tho - will have to go back and see why he is pickle boy ;)

    REALLY do hope he is DOUBLE chocolate cake!!

    Oh and I gave you an award yesterday!

  2. Go carefully T, he made it very well known that he was very interested in sex from the your heart!

  3. Sounds like a booty call of major proportions. If that's what you want, go for it! (His drunk buddy in the bar played the wingman role, to a T!) But I would caution against expecting anything more than sex.

  4. Question - Other than Soldier, do any of your love interests know of your blog?

  5. Sounds like a nice guy....the whole 2 hours away thing is a toughie certainly have to plan in advance. On a positive note, it's harder for him to stalk you that way!!

    Have a fabulous week!

  6. I do realize the PB experience is all about the sex. I do not plan on anything beyond that. I suppose I just like that there is a comfort level there already. A 'trust' if you will. And we enjoy each others' company. Its nice to have a new friend.

    PB does know of my blog but doesn't read it. (I've never given him the link.)

    J knows and reads the blog nearly daily.

    My FWB again knows of it but doesn't have the link.

    If they ask, I'll send 'em the link. If not, I'm surely not going to force them to read.

    Thank you all for the warnings and cautions. PB and I have talked about this whole thing with complete honesty thus far.

    I have no expectations of PB except ice cream and hopefully chocolate cake!! And I've told him so! :)

  7. Wait a sec, how in the world can you fit PB and FWB into your schedule/bedroom? Oh my... Have fun darling, but please be safe.

  8. Have fun!! Honesty and no expectations... you are good to go!! Enjoy!


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