Sunday, December 14, 2008

"You look like somebody famous"

Doesn't everyone hear this?

When I meet someone new for the first time, I can feel them evaluating my face. I always wonder what they're thinking and then I get my answer:

"Do you know who you look like?"

They ponder a moment and then point at me,

"Yeah! You look just like so and so on such and such movie or TV show!"

Perhaps it is a pickup line?

I've searched out photos of these famous people and... I don't know. I suppose we all look like somebody but its difficult for me to be objective about myself. My most unique feature are my eyes and I have noticed that the famous people I supposedly look like all have the same big eyes. I am learning to say thank you to such compliments anyway.

When I was a teenager, I was frequently told I look like Brooke Shields. We apparently had the same eyebrows... I'm a big fan of tweezing now.

This next one was a new one. Because she's blonde, I didn't understand it at first. Then I was all... Ooooohhhh, its the eyes! Goldie Hawn:

Then there was Charlotte Ross of NYPD Blue fame. Another blonde but damn sexy and sassy. Hey I don't mind that comparison at all!

Sarah Strange from Men in Trees... ok, maybe.

There's always somebody that I've never heard of or don't recall. Its never the same person twice either. Weird.

What do you think?

I don't know. Without all the professional photography experience, great camera and airbrushing, I think I look just like.... ME!

Well, ok, I also look just like my Mama too!


  1. Girl, your mom is hot! And so are you. :)

    I think it's because beautiful people have proportionate faces. Or so say the psychologists who study that stuff. Apparently we find humans attractive when both sides of their faces match like bookends. And yours do, as do the actresses you listed.

    And Charlotte Ross was on Days of Our Lives first. NYPD be damned. ;)

    Whoever you look like, you should definitely embrace it and be grateful that, at least from looking at your Mom, you will be hot for decades to come!

  2. I don't know who you look like (except you), but great new photo! It's fun to see you by your mom, too.

  3. The Brooke Sheilds comment is funny; I heard the same and am a fan of tweezing for the EXACT SAME REASON!!

    I get the "Jamie Lee Curtis" for some reason. I don't see it, but some evidently do. I also get told often that I look like someone that someone else knows. Often. Too often to make me comfortable--sometimes it is less of a compliment and leaves more of a feeling of 'why can't my appearance even be original?'

    Thanks for the smiles! Be well.

  4. I think you look cute and mature and adorable.

  5. I bet you just made your mama so proud. The Men in Trees chick is close though!

  6. Sarah Strange looks just like you! I wonder if people ask her that all the time? You never know... :-)

  7. Sarah Strange I do see as well as Mora Kelly. She was more known in the 90's.

  8. Out of the pictures I would say Sarah Strange.

  9. My mom gets comments like this all the time, except not about famous people. She often gets mistaken for other people's sister, mom, daughter, etc. One time, a man INSISTED that she was his sister's best friend. Pretty weird. I rarely get told I look like someone. Actually, only two people: Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Not many hollywood actresses have my hair color

  10. Sarah Strange for Sure!

    I always get Cameron Diaz or Christina Applegate and the other day I got Heather Locklear...
    I'll take all of them!

  11. You look like...a Texan. Can't hide that, Honey. I know a lot of people who get "You look just like...(insert celebrity, friend, co-worker, family member..etc). Some people just have friendly faces I think, and people are automatically drawn to them.

    I took a class in analyzing faces, and it was very interesting, indeed.

  12. Who you look like? One of the best looking, hottest, cutest bloggers that i read.

  13. You look great regardless of who looks like you.
    I get that pretty regular too same 3 people every time and one other cat I dunno once.

    I always say, "you really think he is as good looking as me?"

    that usually gets a snigger. Or if they say you look like... I say you mean he looks like me?

    you look great, those are some sexy chicks they compared you to so its a compliment indeed.

  14. I can see your resemblance to Sarah Strange.

    You're lucky you get compared to such beautiful people. Me? I'm told I look like Molly Shannon. She's pretty, just not super model movie start pretty, you know? Anyway, it works out okay because I acted a lot like her SNL character, Mary Katherine Ghallager, as a kid. LOL


  15. You look very familiar, for sure. I can't place why, but lots of comments above did a great job.

    I'd never talk with ya if I met ya face-to-face. I avoid women who look beautiful, cater to that, and make it a part of their core being. Not because I think it's bad, but because of other reasons internal to myself.

    Hm, I suspect that you may feel insulted or attacked by my comment, and if so, I apologize 'cause that isn't my intent at all, and the way I mean it doesn't feel insulting in the slightest. It's just a case of conflicting philosophies.

    You're very beautiful and enchanting and enticing, for sure. You probably would've made an excellent movie star!

  16. I'm voting for you looking like the actress from Men in Trees, I actually thought it was a picture of you...Diane


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