Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fingers on my frets

I've got it bad for bass players.

I always have. I've noticed when I'm enjoying a live band, I'm usually intently focused on the bass player, watching hands along the frets of the long neck and I'm sighing. To see a man finger those thick heavy strings?

Oh yeah.

I mean think about it: fingers moving in perfect rhythm to the beat... actually driving the beat?

What's not to love?!

The kids and I went out to dinner at a local BBQ dive and stumbled across a blues jam.

Oh how the blues gets into my soul and moves my body from the inside out!!!

Mr Bass-man... you rocked our socks!

The funny thing is, I can see you walking down the street and not think anything of you. But when you strap that beautiful bass around your neck and your magic fingers glide effortlessly over the strings, I'm mesmerized!

As we enjoyed the bluesy rhythms and chords, with my Grace doing her natural dance technique - that looks strangely like pole dancing (no I didn't teach her) - I thought to myself, yes, this is indeed worthy of a blog post.

A tribute to the bass player.

I love far too many to mention so let's start with the hottest ones first:

Sting... I love Sting. I actually have an extremely large subway poster of Sting in the vaulted area of my kitchen. No kidding. Everyone should have Sting in the kitchen. It makes me smile.

Have I ever mentioned that I met Sting? I actually told him that I was in love with his mind. He seemed confused by my statement so I went on to tell him that the rest of him wasn't bad either. Yes, I flirt with Sting too. He laughed and pulled me into him for a hug and kiss... on his unshaven face. *sigh*

Oh yeah, he does play a mean bass too!

(Sting's photo came from here.)

Then there's Sting's son Joe Sumner of Fiction Plane. Like father, like son, Joe's bass playing and vocals are so similar to his father's. I met him once too. I don't think he enjoys being compared to his famous dad.

(Joe's photo came from here.)

I think the very first bass player I fell for was John Taylor of Duran Duran. He had me at age 12... and dammit if he still doesn't make my heart beat fast. He makes 48 years look good. His bass lines on the Rio album are amazing but I think he truly came into his own on the Power Station album of 1985. (Boy does that make me feel old.)

(John's photo came from here.)

He may not be hot to some but the man makes me swoon with his poppin'. Mr. Geddy Lee of Rush.

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who was actually a child prodigy - a jazz trained trumpeter who idolized Miles Davis. I love his funky slap bass.

And a chick with a bass?!? Now that's hot! Johnette Napolitano, formerly of Concrete Blonde. For more sexy chicks with basses, click here.

In high school, my art teacher used to play the music of Stanley Clarke, a wonderful jazz bass player. It was also soothing to listen to him during our attempts to be creative and artistic.

Bernard Edwards, who was also a huge inspiration to John Taylor. Now that man could play bass guitar!! Talk about being mesmerized. Think about it the next time you hear Good Times by Chic. The music world truly lost a legend when he passed.

I know many will mention Paul McCartney too. We simply cannot pass up this Beatles legend. Although for some reason, I always went for Lennon. Hmmm...

Are there any that I need to add to my list? Why do you suppose I go for the guys in the dark part of the stage with only 4 or 5 thick strings laid across a much longer neck instead of the ones in the spotlights making their 6 strings scream?


  1. Hmmm
    I read it all Sunshine but I got nuttin!!!

    What did Waylon and Steve Millers guitar player play?

  2. I'm pretty hot for guitar men too, but am not just bass players. I like these guys: Edie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Santana, and there's more...but I haven't had my coffee yet and am drawing a blank.

  3. and clearly I can't write or spell without coffee either!

  4. I LOVE STING TOO! I saw him in Dallas with Annie Lennox. Incredible!


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