Thursday, January 1, 2009

Map of the Quest

This is where I try to categorize everything - and since I blog about all sort of things - this will help you, the reader to better navigate around the quest.

People in my life:
  • exes - ex-husband, ex-boyfriends, relationships that have shaped much of who I am
  • kids - my two daughters
  • friends - a generic label for other friends that give me support and love me through my quest including:
    • De - my best girl friend and longtime favorite yoga teacher, we don't get to spend near enough time together
    • Gem - another best girl friend, my kids and I love her
    • J - ex-boyfriend that I've known since age 15, wonderful lifelong friend
    • D - longtime male friend and fellow spiritual seeker, very inspirational
    • TNT - wonderful male friend, former friend with benefits, our daughters are best friend
    • Pickle Boy - good friend and fun to talk to
  • Family including:
    • Sister - my younger sister
    • Brother - younger brother
    • Mom - best mom in the world and best friend to me
    • Dad - my father who passed away in 2007. I'm still learning from our relationship.
    • grandparents - I was close with my grandparents and still have one left to love
  • pets  - various pets I or my kids have had
    • neighbors - I love to meet and make friends with my neighbors. I sometimes blog about them
    • The Fuss - a band that I was singing/writing for before I had children. Sometimes I post our music.

    What inspires me:
    • A Course in Miracles - a spiritual text that I began studying after my marriage failed, it has saved my life and helps me to forgive and continue loving. I also facilitate a weekly study group on ACIM
    • Love Languages - inspired by a book of the same name, this category links to all the ways I see others communicate. It helps me in my relationships.
    • Four Agreements - another book that inspires me and helps to keep things in perspective when I'm thinking too much.
    • Lyrics, Music, Poems, Quotes, Movies and Books - I am a longtime music lover and former songwriter. I gain inspiration from movies and occasionally put up book reviews as I'm always reading. I've also written a few poems. I love words.
    • Olympics - because the human body is an amazing thing

         Achievements & goals:

        I document my fitness and other goal setting on the blog with a few categories as well:

        Fitness goals

        Talking about sexuality:
        • Self-love - because every single girl needs to love herself
        • Ero-Tasy - I've been known to be a little graphic sometimes.
        • Sex - I talk about it. A lot.

        Emotions, Issues, Thoughts, Experiences and other things I talk about:
        • Bloggy Meets - I've been fortunate to meet some great blog friends in real life
        • Deployment - because I did support and love a soldier through a 15 month deployment to Iraq
        • Dragons - otherwise known as battles with myself
        • Jewels on the Quest - after battling my dragons, I actually do learn to accept myself, bit by bit.
        • Louisiana - my home state and where I go to visit my Gentleman
        • Random - posts that don't have much of a point
        • Single Mom Needs - a series of posts of things that I believe every single mom needs
        • Surgery - I had a tummy tuck surgery and documented it here
        • Vents - sometimes, I've been known to rant.

        Hope that helps!


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