Monday, January 26, 2009

J always has the right tool

One morning last week, the girls somehow locked the door to their bathroom, left the light on inside, and closed the door. We have those weird locks where you push the button in next to the knob? I couldn't get it open and no screwdriver would fit into the tiny hole to unlock it.

In a pinch, my friend J always comes to my rescue.

For some reason, he always has the exact tool that I need to fix anything.

He was at the house within 15 minutes after I'd woken him from a deep sleep, and got the door open within 2 minutes of arriving at my door.

When I asked him how I could repay him (I owed him big for waking him up), he replied with a smile:

"I'd like you to write a blog post about my cock."

Maybe it was said in jest, but J, if you're reading, thank you sweetie! This one's for you!


Before I go there, let me just say that this isn't the first time I've noticed a man's fascination and pride at their (ahem) tool.

When I was married, we frequently spent time with two other couples. The girls and I would talk about life, kids, work, movies, spirituality, sex, music... you know the stuff you read about here on The Quest for T.

Our men, however, would be hanging out talking about who-knows-what but the topic would always come back to "the penis". It became a running joke and I finally dubbed it "Cock Talk".

**Switching to my Radio DJ voice**

Hey there ladies and gents, thank you for listening to Cock Talk where it's all cocks, all the time. If you're not calling to talk about cocks, don't call.

**back to normal voice**

Um. Yeah.

Personally, I don't blame the guys for being proud of it. I know if I had one, I'd be telling everyone about it too. But that's a whole other post now, isn't it?


In the nearly 24 years that I've known J, we were only lovers for a very short time. It is unfortunate, really, but we've both agreed that we make much better friends than boyfriend/girlfriend. We all have our reasons, right?

He is one of the best guys I know, never fails to make me laugh, knows everything about me, and is fully recognized as a part of my family. And when we had sex, I was so very impressed.

J is definitely the most well-hung man I have ever been with.

His cock is sheer perfection. The right girth, curve, length... to reach the g-spot with no effort whatsoever. He could very easily just lie there, let me climb on top, and I would orgasm in no time flat. Of course, he's not a "just lie there" kind of man.

He's very sensual and attentive too. He loves touch. One of his favorite things for me to do, we called "Love Face". I would "make love" to his face by kissing, licking, little biting nibbles, and slow caresses with my mouth, hands and face in a teasing sort of way. It would leave us both breathless and very turned on.

The man definitely has stamina! Wow. He could go for hours only pleasuring me. My favorite times were when he would lie on top of me, inside me, and just... not... move... I enjoyed the feeling of fullness and pleasure.

Then finally, his favorite place to release was on my back. (Men, you know we love that, don't you?)

Oh my... I may have to see if J wants to revisit the good old days and refresh my memory on his cock perfection.

He somehow always has the right tool that I need to fix anything.


  1. Well if you decide not to use it, can I borrow your tool? ;)

  2. Oh I am laughing so hard over here. Thank you so much!!

    Mindys comment made me laugh even harder.

  3. Something about you mentioning cock talk and men's pride reminded me of a joke. Stop me if you've heard this one....
    An eighty year old man goes into a confessional at his church. The priest opens the little window and the old guy says,"Father, last night I had sex with a nineteen year old woman!" The priest calmly replies, "Well, my son, that is unusual news, but, I have to say that TECHNICALLY, it is not a sin. So why are you telling me this?"
    And the old guy shouts out, "I'm tellin' everybody!"

    Ah! Male pride! It never dies.

  4. Whew, T, I'm laughing so hard.

    First, excuse me, but why aren't you and "J" still under the covers? Did I miss something?

    And you know I haven't had the courage to write that coming-on-my-back post... so I'm thrilled that you got it in here. Go girl!!

  5. So J fixed your bathroom door with his cock? Impressive. That's an upgrade I could get onboard with.

  6. SHARE HIM! I have a problem with my Garbage Disposal. I have an S wrench and I am not sure what to do with it. Thanks for sharing! You got things stirred up for me this morning and I happen to be in search of the perfect cock! I would love to be the judge...ya know..just to confirm your findings...*wink*

  7. Please let J know I'm single. And available. And have no issues with the releasing on my back. ;)

  8. As a man, I had to skip this post. I like the one I got. Don't need to read a word about anyone else's.

  9. This post was hilarious! I also missed the part which explained why you two chose "friends" rather than continued bliss.

    Men with his kind of natural endowment, skill, and passion should definitely be shared.

    No ...cloned!

  10. Grab him and don't let go...sounds like a good one there.

  11. This is J, the guy T is refering to in this post. If any of you single women/moms need a handyman that is good with his tools and knows how to use them, let me know so. I can fix just about anything thats broken! I'm available...

  12. oooooh, you are very very lucky to have a friend in your life like that. And hung, to boot!

    and why aren't you ":together" anymore? Okay, I'm new, I can read today on the snow day home with the kids.

  13. Suddenly I find myself wanting to visit the hardware store.

  14. You are fun! Hope to be back soon!

  15. I knew this post would get to 15 comments.


    Yes, Mindy Mom, you can borrow me whenever you like.



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