Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That restless feeling again

I'm SO glad both kids are asleep. I had both girls home with me today because Rose was sick and Grace wanted to stay home too. I was a big softie and let her. Ugh. What a day. Rose has this habit of screaming and wailing when she's sick. I can't stand it. I run out of patience with that REALLY quickly.

I am finally in a quiet house. For now.

I can so totally tell when I haven't had much time alone lately. I start to feel overwhelmed easily and grouchy. I begin to withdraw from or get irritated with people. I'm usually doing what I can to "be there" for everyone and then I just get sapped! I have to have a few days to myself to refuel. And that won't be happening again for another week and a half.


I feel restless right now. I'm definitely in one of those "do I meditate or masturbate?" moods. Maybe I'll copy a bit of erotica that I sent to Soldier a while back... to save me a bit of typing tonight. I loved reliving our moments and capturing them in written form.

**enter dream sequence**

Its a lazy Sunday morning and we have the house to ourselves. The sun is shining through the blinds of my window and I see your sleepy face next to me on a pillow. We kiss and you pull me closer to you. Your body feels nice and warm. I fit perfectly in your arms. I can feel your morning stiffness on my leg and I shift to move you between my thighs. I'm already moist and I'm enjoying the way you're rubbing me in just the right place.

My hands are caressing your back and moving up your spine to your neck. You're squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples softly. Your kisses get more passionate and deep. Your hands slide down my back and you pull me, roughly, closer into your hips. My breasts are pressing against you. I arch my back and your kisses are on my neck, your warm breath on my chest. Your fingers explore me, outside and inside, and you're taking my breath away. I reach down and begin stroking you. You're moaning and I feel the vibration of your voice on my skin.

I lean up and push you onto your back. I straddle you, my thighs around your waist. I'm kissing your face, slowly, teasing you, licking your skin, exploring your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your ears, pausing to kiss your mouth again. I can feel you, growing harder and closer to your destination, and I twirl my hips to tease you more. I move slowly down your abdomen and kiss your neck, rubbing my hair along your chest. I'm kissing you, teasing your nipples with my tongue and I'm dripping wet on you.

I pause for a moment, my thighs around your hips and you're in the right spot. I begin sliding up and down, so close to orgasm as I'm driving the pressure in the most sensitive places. I delay my gratification and continue my exploration, moving down between your legs. I squeeze my breasts around your shaft and your hips begin to rock harder. You're squeezing me tighter and I'm licking you now. I'm getting more turned on knowing that this feels good to you. My tongue moves up one side and down the other. I take your entirety into my mouth. Your hands move to my head and your words tell me how good it feels. I stop and our eyes meet. You're looking at me hungrily and waiting for my next move. My hands move over you, pulsing every inch. I'm rubbing you harder and tighter and I take you into my mouth again. Your hips push faster and I'm nearly gagging but I love the taste of you.

You reach down, lift my face and pull my mouth to yours, kissing me harder. I rise above you and allow you to enter me. Finally. Oh God... it feels so good to have you inside of me. The initial penetration is always my favorite part, leaving me panting. My hips are grinding into you. I can't get you inside of me enough. I'm pushing down harder and your hips are moving faster. Yes now I can feel you deeper. Your hands are in my hair. I sit back on you, feeling you even deeper, riding you even faster. You feel so good. Please. Harder and deeper. I want all of you.

Your rhythm doesn't stop as you pull my face closer to yours. You want eye contact. You want to be and see deep inside of me. I can see your eyebrows purse slightly, as if you're as emotionally wrapped up in this as I am. I see your teeth clinch and you kiss me hard. Both of your hands are in my hair, holding tightly as your hips guide me up and down. I am not even on the bed anymore. There is nothing beneath me but you.

You lift me and lie me down on my stomach in the bed. You move my hair and kiss the back of my neck. I feel your breath along my back as your tongue bathes me. The further south you go, the more your kisses turn to bites. My hips are swirling in anticipation of what is going to happen next. My breath is getting heavier. I love the feel of your fingers along my spine and your rough kisses along the curve where my spine meets my ass. I feel your fingers deep inside as you bury your face in me. My body shudders. Your tongue is such a turn on. From your words to your actions, I do so love your tongue. I'm already wet and yet I fill with even more moisture. I push myself further into you. I want to feel more of you.

I'm moaning now. My hands reach down and I explore my own favorite pleasure points. I want you inside of me and I tell you so. You position yourself and gently convince me to take you into the depths of my round flesh. I feel just enough that we stop. Breathe. Relax. I still want more. We move into each other, you pushing further and me not only allowing but pulling you in. Perfection. I push into you and you feel so good. I'm rubbing myself faster and forcing you deeper. You begin moving faster and harder and I'm vibrating. I can feels waves of orgasm coming over me and you're feeling and riding the waves along with me. I'm melting. You lean forward and you're trying to kiss me. I feel your arms around my shoulders and my neck as you pull to embrace me. I'm loving this. This is primal. This is what I have been waiting for.

I want you to release yourself inside me. And you do.

I feel you fall, spent, over my body and we lie there. You're heavy on top of me but its been so long since you were there that I enjoy the feeling. I love your body on mine. I love the feel of you inside of me. I am smiling now.

**exit dream sequence**


Yeah, ok. I think I'll go meditate now.

Om. Shanti.


  1. Thanks for that. :) Hope the irritability goes away for you soon. I know that feeling well.

  2. Wow! I bet he enjoyed those...maybe I should try my "pen" at writing something like this...

  3. hmmm, yummy! very well written..and when in doubt im a fan of masturbate now meditate later. both of which i do when im overwhelmed and stressed out. single parenthood is tough! i live it everyday :)

  4. Beautiful. And for some reason, it makes me sad, I suppose its because your erotica is clearing a making love sequence and that I miss. I will join you in meditation.

  5. Well, I had been doing OK going without. Until I read this. No more denial; I am defintely missing sex!

  6. Dang, mama, that caught me off guard... whew!!

  7. Yes, wow, wasn't expecting that...

  8. Kind of killed my motivation to meditate. ;-)

  9. Love it! Made the mistake of reading your blog at work....meditate or mastubate or NEITHER! Damn!

  10. Oh my lord was that hot, woman. You have such the way with words. Meditate or masturbate or both? In what order? hahahaha!

  11. *blink*

    Never let it be said that you fail to surprise.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kinds words of encouragement. It is good to actually read the phrase "meditate or masturbate". LOL. Yeah, boy do I get that.

    Thanks for the juicy erotica. ;)


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