Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My kids love wrestling (or wrasslin' as we call it here in these parts).

We've had snow days (or ice days as we call 'em here in these parts) for two days in a row. I'm glued to my laptop, trying to focus on work and yes, the occasional blog, and the girls have been making themselves busy.

They've been watching Looney Tunes on DVD. Kill the wabbit! is their favorite thing to say now.

They've listened to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia at least 6 times in the past 24 hours. They're dancing, singing or jumping on the trampoline while enjoying the music.

They've had their quiet reading and/or nap time. They've played Barbie, My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop.

Can I just say THANK GOD they have each other?

They've bugged me endlessly for snacks, meals and treats. Thankfully, though I'm in dire need of a grocery store visit, we've had enough snacks and meals to get us through the icy cold lock down of the past few days.

But their most favorite thing of all has been when I decide to take a break and wrestle with them.

It starts innocently enough. They recognize the "Mommy's gonna get you!" look on my face and instantly they both erupt in giggles. I pounce on one and then the other one pounces on me. They're laughing hysterically, screaming their glee through gritted teeth and begging me to tickle them.

The one that really gets 'em going is the "invisible tickle".

I don't even have to touch them. The mere threat of a tickle will have them breathlessly snickering.

My dad wrestled with me and my siblings when we were kids too. When the ex and I were dating and married, we would frequently wrestle. I'll never forget the one time the ex pinned me in such a way that I could not escape. I immediately burst into frustrated tears until he let me go. Then I turned around and pinned him with an evil grin on my face. He never fell for the frustrated tears again after that.

Rose tries that same move with me and I'll let her go just enough to stop crying. Then she'll recover and try to pin me but I'm too much for her, even with Grace helping her along. I can still, at this point thankfully, pin them both and tickle them til their faces are red and the angel kisses begin to show again on their foreheads.

My girls wrestle each other nearly every day. I've witnessed them rolling around on the floor of their playroom, arms locked around each other and giant smiles on their faces. I am trying to teach them boundaries with each other. When one says "stop", the other one must obey. Respect each other. Be lovingly rough and be gently silly. Learn to respect when another says "no".

Wrestling is a form of love that I understand. I assume most parents do it and it was Single Parent Dad's post and adorable video that inspired me to write about it. Animals do it with their young to build strength, stamina, trust, courage, instinct and love.

Besides it had been a really long time since I heard Grace or Rose say to me, as they did last night,

"Mommy, we had lots of fun with you today."

Ice, snow, rain, or sunshine. I need to get my wrasslin' on more often!


  1. Those are gorgeous photos!!!!

    So glad you guys had such cool fun! I am not sure how I would survive snow days!

  2. I must confess, I have fallen victim to the invisible tickle myelf. In fact, I was so closely linked to my brother Tim that if anyone were tickling him, I myself would find myself laughing right along with him. Good times!

  3. Your description of the tickles was right on! I love it! I have fond memories of tickles. Now I whip out "The CLAW" Raaaarrrr! It is so much fun! It brings out an honest to goodness laugh! You're a great MOM. I think the girls will remember those moments for a long time. How sweet and fun!

  4. Whoa...

    I am reminded of my daughter. She loved the "tickle, gonna get you" game.

    Only one thing. When she said "Um, stop. Gonna pee", you had better take that seriously! Otherwise, in no time flat you'd have some cleaning up to do!

    The memories are becoming more and more distant. Your post gave me such a great gift this morning by taking me back there.

  5. I used to tickle my little sisters mercilessly! They never said they had to pee but I wouldn't be surprised if they slipped a little! When I left for the AF, they grew up and filled out and I'm sure "tickle" took on a whole new meaning not involviing Brother anymore. Oh well, it was innocent fun when I was doing it -- Sweet memories! HHNT

  6. I just LOVE the laugh my little daughter has while being tickled. It's the best sound in the world!

    Your girls look like they're having a blast.

  7. The deep belly laugh from kids being tickled is the best sound in the world!!

  8. Delighted to know that in inspire others to wrestle others with their kids, but as I understand it, your win ratio isn't as good as mine?

    Thanks for the link T

  9. I love wrassling with my kids - at least I did when they were little. Now they are teens, and while I can still kick their butt wrestling, it gets a little too competitive now, rather than just fun. Someday they'll kick my butt!

  10. I'm a big fan of the shrill shriek. My youngest (6) can still shatter crystal with his screams if I push the ticklin' far enough.

    It's awesome that you're providing roughhousing for your daughters! That's typically a "dad" thing to do, so kudos to all the single moms who step up to the plate and fill in. :)


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