Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Valentines

My Valentines and I had a wonderful day on Saturday. We had breakfast at McDonalds so they could play in the play area and use the McD's gift cards from Grandma. We came home and they took a strawberry scented bubble bath as we waited for my mom to come over. Mom, the girls and I then went shopping, lunch and to the movies.

After Mom went on her way, the girls and I made chocolate dipped strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I built a fire in our fireplace, blew up an air mattress and created a "romantic" picnic area for our Valentines dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks and our chocolate dipped fruit for dessert.

We played the matching game, Twister and Candyland. They had my complete and adoring attention all evening as we snuggled and eventually fell asleep on the air mattress in front of the nice warm fire.

All night and the next day the girls exclaimed,

"You're the best Mommy in the WHOLE WORLD!! That was the best Valentine's Day ever!!!"

Yep, that's how you do Valentine's Day as a single mom. You celebrate the love already existing in your life.


Speaking of romance, both myself and the ex have noticed Grace talking more about a boy at school. I decided to ask her about it the other day when I was driving her to her preschool...

T: Is David your boyfriend?

G: No.

T: Why not?

G: He's just my friend.

T: But he's a boy and also your friend. Boyfriend.

G: No, Mommy, he's not my boyfriend.

T: What exactly is a boyfriend anyway?

G: (looking out the window) So... do you think it'll rain today?

Ha! Already avoiding by changing the subject?!? At age 4!

All that I know about him is that he takes ballet with her. I remember the ex saying that boys take ballet so they will be good at football later. I've seen his dad. He looks like a football player.

Her teacher says that Grace and David play very well together.

My friend Gem is the preschool principal. She says that he's trouble.

Great. The bad boy complex starts early.


  1. Your Valentines sounds STUNNING!!!

    My daughter tends to fall for the bad boys too! She is marrying the naughtiest boy in the class - they have been friends for a year now and she is unwavering in her devotion - even now that he is not speaking to her!

  2. What a fun Valentine's Day!

    Ha! That conversations between you and Grace cracked me up!

  3. That sounds a wonderful V day indeed!

    And so LOL @ how brilliant G was in changing the topic... ;)

  4. A very sweet and wonderful Valentine's Day indeed. Your girls are blessed to have you, and you them, but you know that. Remember that moment when they are 14!

  5. I just want to say that you're such a GREAT mama!! Your girls are blessed. I only wish that I could have had chocolate-covered strawberries by the fire with you....

  6. This wasn't my weekend with the kids, so I drowned myself in work. I thought that doing their parties at school on Friday would do it, but there was a huge emptiness surrounding my life all day Saturday. Next year, I get my Valentines for that weekend!

    I'm so glad you had such a lovely time with your little ladies!

    Be well, T.

  7. What an amazing Valentines!

    And I am amazed at G! Why do we all love the bad boys

  8. Sounds like an amazing Valentine's Day. You're a smart mama. Keep up the tradition until they're too old to want to do it!

  9. Your Valentine's Day sounds great! You are right, it's wonderful to celebrate the love that already exists in your life.

  10. Sounds like a good time.

    I think she's refining the art of answering mom's

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful V day! You are very blessed. Your awareness is growing and growing.

  12. Wow...sounds like you had a GREAT night. As a single parent, you can't ask for much more than that.

  13. What a fabulously special V Day! I was already hankering for a fire in the fireplace, now I want chocolate covered strawberries, too!


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