Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Muffin penises

The kids were given a pet hamster for Christmas by a very good friend of ours. Coincidentally, I had been thinking about getting them a hamster or a chinchilla as a pet since they'd been begging me for a dog.

(Their dad got a puppy so they don't ask anymore. Whew!)

They named their new pet hamster, "Muffin".

Eh, I don't ask.

Muffin is an adorable teddy bear hamster with quite a personality. Every evening, we take him out of his cage and let him run around in his hamster ball in the house. He knows after his exercise that we will play with him a little and then put him back in his cage to eat. He immediately runs to his food dish to wait for little nuggets of seeds, peanuts and carrot sticks which he promptly stuffs into his cheeks.

This hamster cursed at me in little squeaks when I cleaned his cage and threw out all of the nuts and seeds he'd been hiding in his hamster wheel. It was the funniest thing ever to see him on his hind legs just shaking his little hamster fist at me and going all "Squeak! Squeak! SQEEEEAAKKK!"

He's pretty cute. Ya know, in a hamster kind of way.

The friend who gave us Muffin has two hamsters of her own. These two hamsters were left alone together and apparently were of the opposite sex. Let's just say that now, our friend has lots more hamsters.

Serves her right for not warning me about the hamster surprise at Christmas!


We're sitting at dinner the other night and Rose begins asking questions:

R: Mommy, do you know if Muffin is a boy or a girl hamster?

T: Baby, I have no idea.

R: I know how we could tell! We could put a girl hamster in the cage and see if they make.

T: (giggles) Did you say "make"? You mean, "mate", sweetie. How would you know if it was a girl hamster anyway?

R: A girl hamster would have the babies. And I guess a boy hamster would probably have a teeny, tiny little.... you know...

T: Teeny, tiny little what, Rose?

R: (embarrassed) You know, Mommy. You don't want me to say it at the table do you? That would make us want to throw up.

T: What would make us want to throw up?

About this time, Grace decides to chime in, exasperated.

G: (rolls eyes) Mommy, she's talking about penises!

Oh my! My Grace has come along way since thinking penises were lollipop-shaped vaginas!

Heh. Should I be proud?

Teddy Bear Hamster picture came from here


  1. oh man you are such a tease hahaha! "a what?" like YOU don't know! heheheh

    oh and get that hamster to exercise will you? No Muffin top!

  2. haaaaaaaaaaa
    my son 5 informed me the other day that girls weren't like boys, girls had cha-chinas!

  3. When I saw your title I was thinking that you made Muffins in the shape of little penises. Ha ha ha

  4. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  5. Yep, the title drew me in too. I'll never forget the post about the lollipop but this was cute too.

  6. Hear I was thinking Bachelor-ette Party and you were cookin! LOL

  7. Oh very cute!!!

    Must say I didnt expect this to me about hamter penises!

  8. Listen to you, dragging the word penis out of them! lol

    I had two rats when I was a kid. One day they had babies - they looked like little vienna sausages. Hamsters are fun.

  9. Ha, Lollipop shaped, hmmm, that is a whole discussion in itself, ha.

    They do grow up fast! Hang on, Mom.

  10. Laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes. It was this line that got me:

    "I know how we could tell! We could put a girl hamster in the cage and see if they make."

  11. Heh...should you be proud? I know that I would be. That's hilariously awesome!

    Of course...I'm a dude. I can just picture a Beavis & Butthead reaction at the supper table.

  12. I kind of wish our parents had blogs so then we could see all the crazy stuff we said as kids.

    Well, on second thought.. scratch that.

  13. Excellent post title. My mind was racing trying to figure out what this would be about. :)

  14. This is SO funny! You can tell they don't have brothers-talking about penises would make everyone throw up?! Lol!

  15. Oh, T. Just the giggle I needed!!!

    Wow. Lollipop-shaped vaginas? That, I have NEVER heard before...before T, that is! :)

    Be well, T.


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