Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oprah's giving props; Motherhood is funny on ABC

On Thursday's show, Oprah is finally focusing on America's soldiers and the families who love them.

I'd like to think it had
something to do with me.

My friend and high school classmate Joe, whom Soldier and I were scheduled to visit in Chicago this summer, is married to one of Oprah's executive producers.

I mentioned to Joe, several months ago, that he should ask his wife to ask Oprah to show some love to the military families that support so many deployed soldiers. I told him about how I'd connected with so many mil-spouses and girlfriends through my blog. Joe, of course, was also in contact with Soldier during his deployment and had to listen to my babbling about it as well.

He thought it was a great idea and said he'd pass it on.

Watch a preview of Thursday's show here.

One part of the preview stood out to me. When one woman says, "You become... somebody else when you're there..."

My heart melted. I know that all too well...

Joe has yet to confirm whether my message was delivered to Oprah but nonetheless, you can bet I'll be watching this show!

**Update: Oprah is also looking to honor soldiers. If you want your soldier to be honored on Oprah, click here for more details.***


In April of last year, I mentioned an internet sitcom that I was enjoying called "In the Motherhood". I recently saw that ABC has turned it into a sitcom for TV!

The new show debuts on ABC on March 26.

What I enjoyed about the internet show, and I'm happy to see they're continuing this, is that YOU can submit YOUR stories to be part of the show's storylines.

Because truth is always stranger than fiction anyway, right?

So, go check out the ABC website (and no, they're not paying me. I just love the concept.) and submit your funny motherhood stories.

Or not. Just leave 'em here in a comment.

We can all use a good giggle now and then, right?


  1. Well that would be the only reason I'd ever allow Okrah to be on a tv in my house!!

  2. Operah does have an impact on many people out there...

  3. That would be a great feeling if you were the inspiration for that show! (so go ahead and take credit) I'm sure soldier would appreciate it too. Way to go T.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nice one. But more importantly, can you get me in the audience for that show when she gives a shed load of nice stuff away?

  5. You go, T! I think you are secretly a TV executive producer or something, pulling some major strings. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if your comment planted a seed.

    Speaking of producers... did you see Tropic Thunder? The producer character in that movie is hilarious (I won't say anything more, because I don't want to give a thing away for people who haven't seen it)


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