Saturday, May 9, 2009

As a mom...

As a mom, my life changed the instant I saw the plus sign on the stick.

As a mom, I judge myself harshly.... starting when I became what felt like the sole protector of a little life.

As a mom, I wondered how I could possibly ever love something as much as I loved my first child. Then my heart doubled in size when the second one came along.

As a mom, I try to explain to fresh little minds that not everyone thinks the same thing or has the same rules. But the people who don't think like us aren't bad, just different. And we have to respect the differences.

Still... as a mom, I have to question the intentions of everyone. I sit with my kids and watch things like Safe Side Superchick because my 4 year old said that she would absolutely go home with a stranger if that person had a puppy to show her.


As a mom, there are days when I have to be mom and dad. Sometimes, it is so overwhelming that I feel like a bad mom for getting angry, wanting to run away or simply thinking that 'this is so hard.'

As a mom, I find that I'm reliving things that I take for granted. I have to smile at my daughters' amazement that the moon follows us home. Or when my 7 year old reads me a Dr. Seuss book that I'm sure I read as a 7 year old too.

As a mom, I often wonder if my best is good enough for the world that my girls will grow up in. Then there are those days when I'm not even sure my best is worth much of anything.

As a mom, I pray, cry, struggle, launder, cook, clean, doctor, drive, teach, shelter, discipline, cuddle, tuck in, yell, giggle, disappoint, soothe, pray some more... and love like I've never loved before in my life.

As a mom, I've learned to appreciate my own mom for her selflessness, unyielding trust and love.

As a mom, there is one day where the rest of the world stops and says, "Thank you for all that you do."

As a mom, I want to reach out to all of the moms and dads in my life and say,

Thank YOU for all that you do.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Breathtaking post T, and oh so true. Happy Mother's Day to you, you are incredible!!

  2. What a heart-warming post!!!!
    Happy Mother's day

  3. Happy Mother's Day, T!
    I hope your day is WONDERFUL!

  4. T, you are one of the best, kick-ass moms that I know. You're an amazing woman.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  5. This was such a sweet, loving post. Happy Mother's Day, T!

  6. T- I often write about the same things. I share your struggle and joys with my children everyday! I know I am doing it right. And I know you are doing it right too.

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Good words, mama. Good words. Sorry I missed you this weekend. I am sure we will meet soon though. muah! Hope

  8. I'm a day late but Happy Mothers Day T!! **hugs* and best wishes


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