Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let go of one thing...

No sooner did I click publish on my declaration of true singleness, another former high school classmate contacted me on Facebook.

The good news is that we hardly knew each other in high school. I'm not sure we ever even talked to each other though I do remember who he was.

With Soldier as a former classmate/old high school friend, there were already judgments and expectations of who I thought he was or could be.

This person has the advantage of showing me who he is now. Just as any new man would.

I think I'll call him Gentleman Jack.


I examined Gentleman Jack's Facebook profile as I would any other man. Hmmm...

Single dad.

Cheerful and positive status updates.

Fisherman. (I go weak for people who fish. I grew up fishing with my Papa every weekend. I know that a man who fishes has infinite patience and love for nature.)

Hot. Um. Wow.

Then the kicker...

He lives in my hometown in Louisiana.


But I thought what the hell and began responding to his flirtatious emails.

Shortly after, we exchanged email addresses outside of Facebook.

We began with our stories... what we'd been up to the last 22 years. We talked about our professional lives and our personal lives.

After explaining to him that I actually moved to Dallas to pursue a singing career, he replied, "When do I get the pleasure of having you sing to me?"

I love a guy who can flirt like I do.

With that, we exchanged phone numbers.


One of the first questions I asked Gentleman Jack on the phone was,

"Why are we doing this? You're single. I'm single. Its obvious we want to get to know each other. But you're there. I'm here."

His answer to my question intrigued me so much:

"All I know, T, is that there's someone else in charge here. I'm not scared of that."


I wrote a post in November of traits I was looking for in a man. Faith was on that list. Along with other traits I've noticed in the 4-hour-each-night conversations I've had with him so far.


Forgiving and accepting.



Good empathetic listener.

Confident but humble.



Good family values.

I can't say that I'm not intrigued. He seems like a big-hearted wonderful person that I'm happy to call friend. His words and his actions seem to make him a genuine, amazing man.

I look forward to evaluating this further when we go out on our first date next week.

Oh I told him about the blog too. He didn't even ask to know more.

"You'll tell me what you want to tell me when you're ready."



I wonder how many relationships have sprouted out of nowhere due to Facebook?

Surely there's a study somewhere.


  1. Oooh! I like the sound of this one, T! Keep us updated!!

  2. I agree...sounds wonderful! Hope you have an amazing date and the flirtation and energy continues. Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Ah, Facebook.....indeed.

    That's all I'm sayin'.

    Looking forward to seeing this story unfold...

  4. Ahhh, so glad you elaborated on your earlier status update about this. Very interesting. So where are you going on your first date - being that you live in different states?

  5. I love the line about someone else being in charge. I assume he meant the Big someone upstairs. (I'm sure you did too, since you wrote "faith")

    I am trying to trust in the Big someone right now with some things in my life. And you know what? When I let go and have faith, I feel lighter and freer, more energetic and enthusiastic. Stuff is resonating with me. It's awesome!

    Hope your Facebook Rascal keeps the faith and something manifests.

  6. Oh, T! You go, girl! This sounds very, very good.

    ECSTATIC for you. Absolutely thrilled. Hope it just keeps going down a good path...

    And faith...yes, absolutely essential and so nice to hear when someone else mentions it first.

  7. How very cool is that T!!!

    ENJOY it! It is not often men are so vocal about that kinda of faith!


  8. Sounds promising ;0)
    I hope everything works out for the best...whatever that may be!

  9. Good on you T, and the Rascal.

    And here's to a cracking start next week.

  10. Fisherman! Ha ha! That's cute, the things that stand out to us, that we like. Our lists can sure run the various list "communicative, funny, caring, hard working, good with my kids, must know how to build stuff and fix things..."

    I actually have a good friend who is getting married next month after reuniting with a college sweetheart (they are now in their 40s) on Facebook. She's moving to Colorado from Boston to be with him! Wow!

  11. T...we've already discussed the distance thing, and I think it's a very difficult obstacle to overcome...but you'll never know if it is truly worth it unless you give it your all.

    From what you've told me and from what you've written, he sounds pretty awesome.

    You know my fingers are crossed for you to find somebody special who treats you the way you should be treated.


  12. All I know, T, is that there's someone else in charge here. I'm not scared of that.

    I like this. He's a smart man.

  13. T, I don't know if you've read Mommy Pie, but here's her FB story:

    And here is the result (the proposal):

    It's so freakin' heart-warming (and also long-distance)...

    I wish you the best--tell us how the first date goes!

  14. Sometimes, I think the big guy upstairs throws obstacles at us - just to see if we're ready.

    I don't remember where I heard it or maybe I'm misquoting but, someone once said that in the universe objects are either moving towards each other or away from each other; the only thing you have to figure out is - which one are you?

  15. These comments are so positive and inspiring. And yes, I am aware of MommyPie's story. That's why I said surely there's a study somewhere of how many relationships have started due to FB. Its better than a dating service!!!

    I do worry now and then but then I think of this...

    We usually have fear because we're looking at point A and point B. They're so very different points that it freaks us out to imagine the change it would take to get there.

    But what we forget are all of the points in between those two points.

    I have no idea what is going to happen next but he and I are communicating more in the past few days than Soldier and I did during months of his deployment. He's sweet, honest and extremely refreshing.

    I am simply enjoying this right now.

  16. *Finally* was able to log on to your blog and read all about it! How exciting! How exciting just to have fun and explore. I can't wait for Keith to come home and do a little of that myself...hehe!

  17. As you said, enjoy this -- whatever "this" is or becomes. And, FB definitely seems the place to be these days, so I'd say it has just as much a success rate as online dating sites and the like. Besides, my blog led me to J., so why not FB for you?!

    Keep me posted :)

    PS. The fact that your communication has been spirited, fun and consistent even in these early days tells you something.

  18. face book has led me back to one of the loves of my life.

  19. I'm just catching up on my blog reading and I find out you met someone too?

    It seems that romance is spreading like wildfire all over the single parent blogosphere.

    All I can say is that I hope he is everything you are looking for in a man and more. You deserve the best girl :)

  20. How exciting! I like the sound of him already. :)

  21. One nice thing is that the distance will give you guys a chance to really get to know each other. And it's not *that* far. Can't wait to hear more!!! :-)

  22. I'm glad to go back and read the genesis of your relationship. When you are feeling frustrated, go back and read this and remember how great you felt in the beginning.


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