Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Masturbation Celebration

That's right. If you haven't heard yet, May is...

National Masturbation Month!

Not that it shouldn't be celebrated every month!

I like masturbation. I try to celebrate it daily.

In fact, sometimes I can't help but do it, even in the riskiest of places.


My office at work is in the front of the building. One wall of my office is a giant window that looks out upon the parking lot.

Some days I enjoy looking out at powerful Texas spring thunderstorms. I watch my co-workers come and go in the mornings, evenings and at lunch. If I'm in dire need of a break, I will sit and watch the squirrels play in the giant pecan trees that shade the parking lot.

But sometimes, those windows become an audience to a willing exhibitionist who can't help herself.

While catching up on my blog reading today, I stumbled across this. Then I saw this and wow, even this.

Then suddenly, my breathing turned shallow and my hips began to squirm.

The door to my office is open. The blinds on the window expose all the goings on behind my desk. Anyone could walk in. Everyone can see me... but I couldn't help it.

I had to touch myself.


What about you?

Has there ever been a moment, or recurring moments, that you knew you could possibly get caught but your hands wandered to the throbbing needs that overwhelmed you? Have your pants ever gotten so tight that you just had to reach in and release the tension lest you explode?

Fill me in!!!

Leave me a comment with a great scenario, story or brief summary of your riskiest masturbation moment. Where is the riskiest place you've ever masturbated?

Come on now! We all do it.

You could win a $50 coupon to Eden Fantasys!

Use the $50 towards a wonderful new sex toy (they have great toys for women and men), an erotic film or book, even lingerie, condoms and party favors!

Feel free to email me your story if you're too shy to comment. Just remember that your story will be shared (but I can keep you anonymous) when I announce the winner.


My girlfriend Marie's mom always said, "Masturbation is a gift from God."

Celebrate it, my friends. Hand over fist!


  1. I think it's gonna be a fun month.

  2. driving in my car, going down the freeway. not safe. I know.

  3. Sometimes self service is all ya got.

    Saw your comment on a pic at OHNT and stopped by. I"ll definitely be back.

  4. Girl, I didn't even know how to masturbate until I was nineteen and married and suddenly had a whole hell of a lot to catch up on. (Yes, you heard me right; I didn't know how to do it.)
    So I read a book, got drunk and drew a bath. The rest, as they say, is history.

  5. Thanks for playing along ya'll.

    Anonymous, send me an email.

    And whew! The emails I've received so far are just... steamy! Wow!

    See? I knew you would share.

    And by the way, it's the men who are sharing the great stories.

    Come on gals! I know you want a new toy for your nightstand drawer too!

  6. indiana-girl: I know a lot of women who didn't know anything about masturbation. That is why I'm promoting this. We all need to learn how to take care of ourselves before we can find pleasure with someone else.

    In AND out of the bedroom! Thank you for sharing!

  7. True story...

    My ex husband and I were on the road, he was driving. A trucker pulled up next to us and I flashed him before we sped off..

    He caught up to us, peeking into the window again so I stripped. We took off again.

    He sped up, what a shock. So I put my feet up on the dashboard and started masturbating for him.

    Going fast down the highway.. him watching.. not watching the road. He almost ran us into the barrier that seperates the two sections of the freeway!

  8. I appreciate the value of a good whanking off, but I'd so much rather have a woman's touch than my own... Great contest idea!

  9. Oh, I was on the way to a friends house for a night on the town! She lived about an hour away. I had a few toys with me in case I did not get lucky. Well just the thought of it made me HOT. I pulled out the dildo/vibrator. It was tricky, getting that particular dildo in there while driving. I did manage....and it was not to be ready when I got there. It was nice, had to roll the windows down, they got fogged up.
    That was not the last time I did that, but used a vibrator instead.

  10. Bathroom at work is about the riskiest for me. Its easier for some chicks cause they dont have a mess to clean up!!

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