Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mish Mash Mush

I'm so tired ya'll.

I'm very happy to be reconnecting at such depth with Gentleman Jack every night but dang, I need my sleep.

He's coming to see me tomorrow so I may not get much sleep then either.

I don't want to get too mushy but he's just.... WOW.

We shall see.


Backing out of my driveway this morning, Rose pointed out a bird on the fence.

"That's a finch." I told her.

Then I saw another one land beside it. Two chickadees: male and female.

Rose asked, "How do you know which one's the boy?"

I explained that in nature, the males are usually the most beautiful. They are competing for the female's attention. They show off, try to look their best and will fight off other males to get noticed.

It is the female who gets to choose who she will mate with.


Today, I met the lovely Mnemosyne from Irascible Crayons.

Somewhere during our conversation, we began talking about women and how they treat each other. That's when it hit me:

Women act just like males in the wild.

I mean seriously! We do our best to be beautiful and compete for male attention, don't we? And God forbid another woman look more beautiful that we do!!

Maybe I'm just delirious but I thought this was a big revelation.

But don't you think, even in the human world, that it is still ultimately the female who chooses who she mates with?


I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed meeting Mnemosyne today.

She is such a fresh face: dark haired, blue eyed, feminine beauty. But what an old soul she has!

We did hit it off instantly. I look forward to getting together with her again soon. She lives really close to me. There is simply no reason that our little ones can't play outside while she and I drink a glass of wine and talk about relationships, life and love.

Plan on it, girl.


I'm sure I will be getting a phone call soon.

Every time he calls I think, I wonder what we could possibly have to say to each other tonight. Then the next thing I know, it is 3 hours later.

Last night we tried to get off the phone for an hour and a half!

I look forward to tomorrow evening when I can see how this wonderful chemistry translates to real life.

I leave you with this, Gentleman Jack's fortune from the first few days of reconnecting. He sent it to me in a text message and we've so enjoyed it:

"The most beautiful adventures are those which we do not seek."


  1. Wow, you are so right! We are like the male in nature. We do get to choose who we mate with.
    I can't wait for real life to be right in front of you!!!! So excited for you.

  2. YAY T!!!!

    I am really, really, really hoping you have an incredible night tomorrow.

    Obviously, neither one of you want to build it up to be something unobtainable, but if you both just relax and then things happen naturally...then hopefully it'll be a helluva night!!

    My fingers are crossed for you. Big time.

  3. Lets do it!

    I hope that your meeting with Rascal tomorrow night is wonderful!

  4. Wow. First, cool to meet another blogger and hit it off. Two, a date with the Rascal...cannot WAIT to hear ALL about it! :D Hoping it keeps going down this golden road, T.

  5. Good luck, I hope you have fun!

  6. The whole Rascal thing sounds really promising, T. I've got my fingers crossed for you, and I'm really looking forward to hearing allllllllll about it.



  7. OMG yes women compete for men's attention and your own. Most women dressing is for other women as it is for men. Actually more so since men aren't that picky.

  8. I'm not sure that we chose who we mate with, because I'd be so all over Johnny Depp if he'd give me the time of day.

    But, once they're interested, yes, it's basically the women who decide whether to have sex or not. Sorry, guys.

    Have a wonderful night being just the lovely you!

  9. What??? How did I miss this? Going to catch up now... excited for you!

  10. This is so exciting T! I can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow. I must email you my phone number. ;)

  11. "It is the female who gets to choose who she will mate with."

    That's right, baby. Ahve fun today. ;)

  12. Absolutely, the women choose who they mate with. Which is why I spend so much time reading women's blogs - to figure out what I need to do different to attract the right woman in my life!

  13. Left you a present on my blog!!!

  14. A true and wise fortune. I hope it all plays out well for you.

  15. Ahhhh. Well. What do YOU make of that fortune miss calling it off....

    What are YOU seeking / not seeking there?


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