Monday, May 11, 2009

To inspire you

To lighten things up after yesterday's post, and since I'm still feeling under the weather, I thought I'd go for short and sweet.

From one of the best Seinfeld episodes EVER.

See? Don't you want to enter The Contest?


  1. "The Contest" is my absolute favourite Seinfeld episode ever. Absolutely brilliant!!! :)

  2. Love Seinfeld! And this episode. But I think having gone over two years without the REAL thing (after Little One was conceived) I've already done my "going without" stage. Good luck with the contest though. ;)

  3. I see you're feeling better!!!
    See what the "m" word will do?
    love it!

  4. This was one of the best episodes! Love it, never gets old.

  5. You should read the article in this week's New Yorker titled, "Don't! The secret of self-control." It follows the lives of children who were asked to perform a delayed gratification test in the late 60s. Children who were able to refocus their thoughts or control themselves met with greater success as adults. The gotta have it now group had more trouble studying, had more trouble with obesity, and often bounced from one career to another.

    I also like the Seinfeld where George becomes a genius when he abstains from sex, while Elaine becomes stupid.


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