Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T's Toybox

In honor of masturbation month, the gang at Eden Fantasys have kindly offered to sponsor my blog for the next 90 days.

Check out the link to their sexy new online magazine in my sidebar. The online magazine is a wonderful resource for articles on many different facets of sex, health and the body (including erotica and a forum). Plus you can peruse their inventory of sex toys...


Speaking of sex toys...

One of the first things offered to me by Eden Fantasys was my choice of sex toys to try out and review

Um, twist my arm.


First up, the Dream massager G-spot vibrator.

What a wonderful new addition to T's Toybox.

I have never owned a g-spot vibrator before so I was curious.

The g-spot is a fairly new find for me as well, I will admit.

There is a particular position that I love...

I'm on top and positioned in just the right way that my g-spot is hit perfectly by the head of my lover's cock. I also get amazing clitoral stimulation in this position. It nearly always leads to simultaneous orgasms.

You can't beat that.

One of the first things I loved about this toy was the color. This color purple is scrumptious to me. Something about jewel tones... makes me feel all yummy inside!

The Dream massager is shaped like a woman. Nice curves. Smooth. Firm. Soft.

Some of the reviews I'd read said that there were problems with the batteries lining up. Some said they had difficulty getting it to work.

They must have fixed the problems because it buzzzzed immediately when I put in the two double A batteries.

Am I the only single woman who always has a healthy supply of double A's?

The vibration goes from low to high but even at its lowest speed, the Dream massager uses every bit of power that those two batteries can muster. At any speed, this vibrator was still quiet enough that I could partake and not wake up the house.

Well, not with the vibrating noise.

I always like to run a vibrator over my body before I really give it a go where it counts. I love to feel the vibrations over my neck, breasts, stomach, thighs... by that point I'm already in a heavy pant and ready to experience the real thing.

But in this case...

I slipped the Dream massager in and immediately enjoyed the pointed tip. Like the tip of a finger, I could move it around and find the perfect point of pleasure.

Oh my!

I'd never had my g-spot vibrated before. What an amazing feeling!

I also like to tease myself though. Every time I would near orgasm, I would slide the toy out and away and use the finger-like tip to vibrate around my clit. Then I would slide it back in and find that glorious spot again. (Isn't that what the "g" stands for?)

It didn't take long at all before I was in full, back-arching orgasm.

Then, in my exhaustion, I started laughing and singing the praises of my new toy...

My new favorite toy.


  1. Lucky girl! It all sounds great except for the Double A part. I use Lelo's GiGi. Same color, same g-spot love, but rechargeable. Oh yeah. ;-)

  2. Ummm...have I mentioned recently how much I love your blog?

  3. I think I need to take myself vibrator shopping. Again.

  4. Awesome !! What an exciting review !!

  5. I think it should be renamed the T-spot.

  6. I'm with Depot Dad: "The T-Spot."

    Someone has GOT to design a toy with that name.

    Hey, is that YOU in the photo?

  7. Thanks for this post! I always am skeptical by reader reviews from the online toy shops. Every review should be as glorious and in depth (no pun intended) as this one!

    I like that this vibrator is shaped differently. I bought a straight-up Cock-shaped one and I think I should have been more experimental with my choice.

  8. Refreshing post. I've been reading all day and I appreicate the mid-day fantasy! Thanks :)

  9. This mama needs to go shopping methinks...

    Thanks for the review ;)

  10. I've got me one. I love it. I am too shy to bring it out with J though. He asks about it and I'm like, "um, no, talk about being vulnerable!"

  11. I always have at least two packs of triple As at all times. And C batteries too. Back in the 80s all the toys seemed to require C sized batteries. Great review!

  12. I have never used a dildo, but this one sounds great!


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