Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch this

I love Paul Rieckhoff (he does bald very well!) .... and the work he does for IAVA. I've had a link to their site on my side bar for almost a year now.

Their goal is to help make more people aware of the issues of deployed soldiers who are returning home.

And as you all know, I'm painfully aware of issues with a deployed soldier who returned home!

Even if you don't watch the video, which is hilarious by the way, go visit their website and Support Your Vet.

Thanks all.


  1. I cant see the video! It is only to be viewed within the states!

  2. I will catch the video when I get home from work. But you are right , he does do bald very well!!!! Nice smile too.

  3. Thanks for supporting and creating awareness about our deployed troops.

  4. I admire all the awareness and support you give to the troops. Nice work!

    Happy Mothers Day!!!


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