Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Red Love

Please note: For those of you that are tired of reading about the sugary sweetness that I've found in the man I've fallen for, move along. For the rest of you, enjoy!

Once upon a time, a lonely flower decided to pop up in the backyard of a big strong man. This big strong man was a father of two sons.

Now this flower didn't realize that the big strong man had a big giant heart too. The man felt much love for all living things but recently, the man's heart had grown even larger after falling in love with a girl that he called "T".

Early one morning, the man saw the lonely flower in his yard. He was bewildered but felt honored that the flower would choose his yard to show its beauty.

"What a gorgeous red flower!" he said, "I like beautiful things that just appear in my life. I will name this flower 'T', because like the flower, my beautiful T just appeared out of nowhere."

The flower liked her new name. She'd never had a real name before. She felt loved.

One day, the man was in his house while his two sons were outside playing. Something told the man that the lonely flower was in trouble. He rushed outside, only to find the flower gone!!

Gently, he asked his 4 year old where the flower was. The son proudly pulled the beautiful red flower from his bike satchel.

The man and his sons decided to do what they could to save the flower.

The flower was happy to feel such love from the man and his sons so she told the man a special secret.

"I understand why your son would pull me from the ground. A red flower is irresistible and cannot be denied! I can see that you and your sons appreciate beauty and have much love in your hearts.

If you will dig where I was growing, you will find my two sisters lying under the ground. They haven't bloomed yet. But if you replant them somewhere with lots of sun and give them the same love that you've given me, you will be rewarded with beautiful red flowers year after year!"

And so, the man grabbed his shovel and began digging.

After digging over a foot into the ground, the man found the two sisters!

The man planted the two sisters in the sunniest spot in the front of his house. Now the red flowers will bloom happily every year!

So, if you ever drive by the house of this big strong man and you see clusters of beautiful and happy red flowers, you will know:

In this house lives a man with big giant heart. This is a house where much love blooms.

Photos care of Gentleman Jack except for the last one taken from here.


  1. What a sweet all-in-the-public love note! Love it. I will never tire hearing about you write about opening your heart.... miss you!

  2. I didn't throw all the way up, just lil in my mouth!!!!


    Glad you are happy T!

  3. I agree with Southern Sage, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    So glad that you are happy, and that Rascal was able to replant the sisters to make many more beautiful flowers for many more years to come.

  4. That was so sweet and sappy!!! I am so happy you have accepted this man and the love he has to give to you and vice versa. Makes me smile.

  5. That's determination! I love love. Happy for you T.

  6. This reminds me of The Giving Tree book.

  7. A lovely post. Thanks, T. And for the record, I'll never get tired of the sappy love stuff from you. :)

  8. Awwww... I'm so happy that you're happy, T. I can feel the love all the way over here!

  9. THAT was lovely, T. Really...I think you know that I am truly, very happy for you. It's been a long road, sister. ;)

  10. That was as beautifully written as the flowers and the love them selves.

  11. My babysitter has these flowers and it takes more strength than I think I have to not sneak to her house at night and dig them up and plant them in MY yard. :)


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