Thursday, September 3, 2009

Funny People

My girlfriend Alex is hilarious.

I love being around her because I never know what she will say next. I sometimes wonder how her mind is wired that she's so quick witted.

For instance:

She and Gentleman Jack have become Facebook friends because they're both commenting on my FB page. She picks on him. He picks on her. They both crack me up.

One day last week, Jack and I both put up status updates that were very ethereal. It was completely unplanned! Apparently Alex had noticed that Jack and I do this quite often. So she left the following comment on his post:

"If you were a girl...I'm certain that your periods would be in sync with T's."


My ex-husband cracks me up.

The guy can come up with one liners at the drop of a hat! And forget it, once there's alcohol involved, he could seriously get paid for where his mind goes. He makes up funny songs. He dances for everybody. The dude makes for wonderful party entertainment.

It was one of the reasons I fell for him.

When we were initially dating, one of his favorite things to do was to make up stories to see if I would believe him. I was new to the Dallas area and one of my favorite landmarks was the infamous Reunion Tower.

He actually told me an entire story about how they had trained monkeys that they used to change the light bulbs on the tower. It made perfect sense to me. I couldn't imagine any other way they could be changed.

I was convinced!

Until I met my friend Marie a few years later whose step-father was one of the designers of the tower. She clarified the story for me.

No trained monkeys. And one boyfriend who pulled one over me for two years!


One of the very first bloggers I started reading was Susan at One Woman Show. She was a single mother of two, like myself. She has the same struggles but she handled it with such humor.

It was one of the very first blog posts I read that hooked me: Scenes Not from an Italian Restaurant

I remember reading that post and thinking... YES! Humor gets us through so much!

I love funny people.

I LOVE to laugh.

I think I'm too damn serious for my own good. Sure I can make my kids laugh. I can crack up any member of my family. Occasionally I will say something that I think is pretty witty.

But I want to be more funny!

And as a blogger, I can't help but LOL when I read the following blogs:

QT Mama
Random Esquire
Manic Mariah
Barefoot Foodie
The Bloggess - (this post is pee-in-your-pants funny.)

Are there any funny bloggers that you read?

Please share!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, T! I'm glad I made you laugh that day long ago and that we got hooked on each other!

    One of the blogs I read for pure mindless humor and fun is Go Fug Yourself -- it's about celebrity fashion. Let me tell ya, those Fugger Girls who write the reviews are quite a hoot. Of course, they have some great material to work with, but still. If you have a minute check it out. Brain Candy at its best!

  2. It was the hard-on story, wasn't it. Women love a good hard-on story.

    You more than average. ;)


  3. 1. You are awesome and making me blushy.

    2. My cousin once had me convinced that those bumps on the median of the road were made so blind people could still drive. She totally believed it too.

  4. Ahh, Road Braille. Of course.

    Speaking of braille, I may have, in my youth, told a young woman that the small bumps around her nipples were braille for 'suck here.'

    I know, I know. I'm rolling my eyes at myself.


  5. And so it begins...

    This is why I love you people so much. TOTALLY crackin' me up here.

    Nipple braille, huh RE? And yes, you definitely had me at hard on.

  6. Yes! RE just made me laugh out loud with that one. As does QT. I also like Martini Mom's dry wit. I'm sure I will think of more after I post this too.

    I SO apprecite bloggers who make me laugh.

  7. Road braille, hard ons, oh my! Seriously, T you are one of the fine bloggers too! XOXO

  8. I LOVE funny too! Its one of the big reasons I loved being with Plane Boy - there was constant laughter. Even now he still makes me laugh!

    He actually used to often get me with stories he would tell - I still now double check the story if it sounds dodgy ;-p

  9. T, that post from the Bloggess made me cry I was laughing so hard. Thank you!

    I have a friend who is stand up comedy funny. My most favorite thing of all is to go to one of her cocktail parties. She makes us laugh hysterically for hours on end. Here's her blog:

  10. I love funny people, too! And this blog? LOVE IT!

    Thanks for including me on this list, am all flattered and giddy about it!

  11. Aww T, thanks for the Bloggy-Love! I had to go read the Bloggess post, OMG how WONDERFULLY funny!

    RE and Road Braille. Jesus, why am I not surprised.

  12. Lol QT ALWAYS makes me laugh. You did too with this post! Monkeys... heehehe.

  13. I QUITE enjoy "Attack of the Redneck Mommy". She's had me laughing until my sides ached with some of her antics. Funny, funny stuff. Plus, she's Canadian, so extra points for her.

  14. I checked out Blogess. What a hoot! Yep, humor helps everything!

  15. Aw. Thanks, MindyMom!

    I haven't read Uncouth Heathen in a while, but she used to crack me up. Here's a good one:

  16. I want to keep believing the monkey story please.

  17. I love .
    She cracks me up and she is hot. :)

  18. So, I'm completely LAME with a capital L -- I just saw this loverly linky luv tonight ...

    You're 41 flavors of awesomesauce, girlfriend!


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