Thursday, September 17, 2009

Orgasm... let me count the ways!

Back in December, when I pondered the orgasm, I asked the question, "Why rush it?"

I was frustrated with the lack of orgasms in my previous relationship. I was begging for more.

Sometimes, in life, you get exactly what you ask for.

Over the weekend, I experienced the longest and best orgasm of my life.

I couldn't even begin to explain it. I can't count the numerous ways that I'm able to orgasm with Gentleman Jack. Maybe because its new? Maybe because I feel so comfortable and loved with him? Maybe I'm at some sort of sexual peak?

Maybe it's just because he's that damn good.

Or maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with me.


I'm fascinated by the orgasm. I find pleasure in so many different ways but to reach the pinnacle (but hopefully there are many MANY more) of heights of orgasm this weekend... I want to know more!

When there is a need to know more, the Internet is a playground of fun.

I found this group that focuses completely on the female orgasm. They have videos on youtube (but not graphical). They claim to be able to teach a woman to have an hour-long orgasm from clitoral stimulation.


Then again, I have also experienced many orgasms that didn't involve the clitoris. And some of you have said the same.

There are so many youtube videos on g-spot orgasm that I couldn't even get to 'em all. G-spot stimulation could also lead to female ejaculation. This is yet another topic that fascinates me. I've heard female ejaculation is only possible in 30-35% of women. Still, I think I might achieve that goal at some point. I am SOOO close.

Clitoral and g-spot are the two most common ways to orgasm but let's not stop there!


This article was completely fascinating to me because he introduced "4 sexual hot spots" for women: the clitoris (C-spot), A-spot, G-spot and U-spot.

And that doesn't even cover others like anal orgasms, orgasms from breast or nipple stimulation or the myriad other ways to cum and enjoy sex!

I also haven't scratched the surface of Tantra and how opening up your vocal chords could lead to even stronger orgasms.

Woohoo! Isn't there so much more territory left to explore?


All I know is that the older I get, the more I'm learning and finding there is more to learn about sex.

At this point in life, I'm beginning to think the entire body could be an erogenous zone. You can simply orgasm from breathing! Why the hell not?!

It all begins with an orgasm in your mind, doesn't it?

For now, I will relish in the memories of this weekend and those many minutes of shuddering in out-of-breath ecstasy at the touch of my lover. The best part of it all was that he was crazy turned on to witness me experience something that powerful.

I think that one trait alone makes him the most amazing lover.


  1. I think that there's a lot to be said about the sexual chemistry between two people. CBG and I have amazing chemistry...unlike anything I've ever experienced before. He can give me a certain look and I am INSTANTLY turned on.

    There's also the comfortability factor. I am more sexually comfortable with him than I've ever been with anyone else, and I know that certainly counts for a lot. I'm also more sexually comfortable with myself than I've ever been before, either.

    I think all those factors combined make for mind-blowing sex. And let me just say, now that I know exactly what that is, I'm not willing to settle for anything less.....

  2. Yup. Chemistry. And how much the guy enjoys getting you off.
    Comfortability, but that doesn't mean that you have to have known the guy for a long time. MichiganBoy and I have the best sex I have ever had and we have only known each other for a few months. And it keeps getting better and better.

    Great post and great links!

  3. Chemistry is key.

    The one thing that has always made the largest different for my partners, at least, is an honest, atavistic desire for her.

    When she can tell that I absolutely must inhale her and she feels incredibly desired, that always makes for good lovemaking.

    You know how I know this? Oprah. Oprah told me so. And I am not ashamed to say it.

    Have we finally established that I have seen too much of Oprah, in person and otherwise, in the past year? Good. Because I'd like to have a beer.

    But for purposes of your question: DESIRE.


  4. I agree that chemistry plays an important role. I am smitten with the way a man looks at me...that hunger in his eyes just gets me moving so eagerly.

    As I have grown older, I learn more and more about myself and my orgasms and even life. I love it and I love orgasms.

  5. Great post T! Yay for mindblowing orgasms!

    I do think as we age so many things come together (pun intended) that help us ahieve better and more frequent orgasms.

    Like Mommma Sunshine said, being more comfortable with ourselves and our partner - something we learn to do over time - helps. And always chemistry! But chemistry isn't enough; you need to completely trust and be open with your partner. I think we get better at finding the right match for us as we mature so of course the sex is better!

  6. This IS a great post, T! I believe too, that the chemistry and love you have for another can only accomplish BETTER orgasms!

    And let me just throw this out there.

    I'm so totally jealous of you right now. :P



  7. I think the two people involved make a huge difference in the intensity of the orgasm. Even for me as a guy, I will have a far more powerful orgasm with a woman who turns me on, I feel safe with, and who is totally into having sex with me. Remove any one or two of those, and the intensity goes way down.

    Funny you posted about sex today, and I did too!

  8. Oh, I too am so jealous right now. I haven't had mind blowing sex in so long. Over a year to be exact. I am however going to read every link that you attached so that when my time comes, I am going to kill myself and my partner. :)

  9. I've been getting into the Tantra thing again, and there is much to learn. Orgasms through Tantric meditations can happen even without physical stimulation. :) Glad it was so awesome for you


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