Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I remember when my ex-husband and I were dating, his friends would call him "PW". I had no idea what sort of nickname they had given him. He would always look half-annoyed/half-embarrassed. One day I decided to ask what the nickname meant.

"Pussy whipped."

Um.... ok.

Apparently they only called him that around me. Apparently they called him that because he was a completely different person around me.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term has quite a few connotations:

pussy whipped ~

(1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintenance girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the re-prioritizing of girlfriend over friends, family, school, food, water, and air.

(2) adj - making decisions based on the incentive of sex.

(3) Your world blindly revolving around your woman.

Yeah. You get the idea.


Just as I blogged a few weeks ago about how some women get "dickmatized", apparently the opposite is true.

When I think about my ex-husband, I feel bad that his friends called him "PW" during our dating days. I mean, I didn't think I was a "high maintenance" girlfriend who always demanded my way. But, I guess when a man is falling in love, he does whatever he can to make his girl happy.

Or is that the reason?

We are all responsible for our actions. Sometimes those actions are driven by love. Sometimes they are driven by a different urge.

Have you noticed this?

Will a man stick around in a relationship, good or bad, as some women do, simply because they're gettin' some?


  1. This post totally has a "Sex in the City" vibe.

  2. Its very black and white for guys! When their mates are in a r/ship they are PW - simple! They seem to see it like that!

    I cant answer your last question cos I was trying to think of men who stay simple cos they are getting some and I cant think of ONE! Cos most of the men I know who are "unhappy" ARENT getting some but still stay?

    I actually think I may go ask my guy friends now!

  3. I think that if a guy is sticking around to get some, it is because there is chemistry. A secure man (key words) can get it else where if there is no chemistry.
    Your ex married you for a reason and it isn't just because you gave him some. You are a good women.
    So PW be damned. :)

  4. Some men will do anything to get a bit of pussy whipping action, including being pussy wipped themselves.

  5. Pussy whipped doesn't necessarily mean the woman is high maintenace. It means the man doesn't want to jeapardize the sexual relationship he has with her, so he'll do anything for her, prioritizing her over family and friends. High maintenance women tend to like pussy whipped men, but a pussy whipped man can be that way with any woman.

    I will stick around a relationship just for sex (I've had lovers), but I won't be whipped. I'm my own man.

  6. Okay first, I about fell over laughing when I saw that picture. That is simply hilarious.

    Second, dudes, it seems to me that any man in a relationship is called PW'ed by his friends. Isn't that just what boys DO?

  7. I think both sexes will stay in a bad relationship if they're getting something out of it. Not saying it's right or healthy, just happens.

  8. Laura pretty much hit it on the head. The proverbial nail, I mean. If a guy is in a relationship, and he's committed, he's whipped.

    And like your following post indicates, he's called that more because of jealousy than anything else.


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