Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overthinkers Anonymous

Do you worry all the time?

Do you find yourself constantly wondering the "hows" of your future?

Do you replay past moments over and over in your mind and wonder if you could have acted differently?

Is analyzing what someone said or did something that you find yourself doing when you're supposed to be working, relaxing or spending time with your family?

Is your partner frequently asking you, "What's wrong now?"

Then you too could be an "overthinker".

Its OK. You are not alone. There are many overthinkers out there, just like you. That is why we've founded:

Overthinkers Anonymous

It is easy to spot an overthinker. Overthinkers are those that have frown lines, a furrowed brow and are frequently found staring off into space. They may be biting their nails, chewing on their lips or some other really annoying nervous habit.

Sometimes, you may even find smoke coming from an overthinker's ears.

You can usually tell when you or someone you know is overthinking because at the slightest touch, tears begin to well up in their eyes.

The overthinker may also react with rage or frustration when you try to break their concentrated overthinking.

Is this you?

You take everything personally, don't you? Everything those around you says or does sets you off on some emotional tailspin.

You may not even realize that your heart is pounding.

Your face is turning blue because aren't even breathing normally.

Are you questioning everything and every question begins with the word "should"?

Stop "shoulding" yourself! Your overthinking can be controlled.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem.

The second step is to stop judging yourself for overthinking.

The third step is.... well hell, when you find out, will you come tell me? I've been thinking so hard about it that my head hurts!!

Once you realize that you have the control, you will find that smile forming once again across your lips.

No more will you bite the head off of those around you.

Finally you can look at the people around you, loving you, supporting you, and not attacking you, and feel gratitude for their patience with you.

You can "turn that frown upside down" and breathe deeply again.

And as far as the frown lines and furrowed brow? Well, they make Botox for that.


  1. I think we should get together for Botox and whine... um, wine. :-)

  2. I am an over thinker! It used to be BAD but I have gotten better - I try to go with the flow more now! Its actually a whole lot easier hey :)

  3. Ha. Funny post. The third step for me, when I find I'm over thinking, is to take a nap. It usually works!

    Now I have to run off and see if there's smoke coming from my ears

  4. This is exactly what I was doing tonight and exactly the reminder I needed. Thanks! I think step three is realizing that we are powerless over what other think and feel and even do to us, and all we can control is our freaking smile, dammit!

  5. I usually get chest pains and restless too!! I am the absolute definition of an overthinker! =)

  6. "Hello, my name is T. Not only am I the OA founder, I am also a member!"
    Smile and relax, all really will be OK...really. :0)

  7. "Hi, my name is Momma Sunshine, and I'm an Overthinker."

  8. Everyone: "Hi Momma Sunshine."



  9. You and Sunshine are like sisters of the brain!! Being such a NON-Overthinker, sometimes I grin at just how similar you two are. :)

  10. Hello, my name is S. and I am an overthinker.

  11. Everyone: "Hi S."



  12. Hello,

    My name is Linda and I am an overthinker! :)

    Again, post hit me on a day when I am way overthinking!!

  13. You all crack me up!!!!
    You can also tell that someone is an overthinker, when they are talking to them selves and using a lot of hand gestures.

  14. Tooooo funny. And TOOOO true! I'd say more, but I need to go make sure I turned the headlights off, locked my front door when I came in, turned off the oven... Jeez, is that Overthinkers Anonymous or OCD??? Dear me...

  15. Bring on the Botox... I am an overthinker for sure. Now I am (over) thinking whether I should make a Botox joke on a public blog because I don't use Botox or at least not yet and I am not sure how I feel about Botox or plastic surgery... Told you so. Thanks for the great post!

  16. Let me know where the first meeting will be held. I guess the fact that I am posting this after one in the morning gives my "overthinking" status away. If I could just control my overthinking, then maybe sleep would friend me again?


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