Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogging my BFF, Hardheaded men & Gratitude

I went to lunch with my best friend De yesterday (Veteran's Day). I miss her so much. We rarely get to see each other.

She is feeling her bliss right now after being down for a while. Her bliss is pretty contagious so we really enjoyed our time together.

As we were eating, I noticed the WWII veteran sitting at the next table. He wore a jacket and hat emblazoned with his battalion from the war. He was sitting with his wife and (I assume) adult granddaughter.

I smiled, reminding myself to thank him for his service, when he arose from his seat. I was about to stand and approach him but he wasn't leaving.

He stood up, picked up his wife's knife and fork and cut up her spaghetti and meatballs for her.

Have you ever felt your heart swell in your chest? Wow.

As I told De about what I witnessed at the table behind her, she looked at my face, smiled and said, "You're totally going to blog that, aren't you?"



The other night when I was enjoying my yoga class, Gentleman Jack decided to hit the basketball courts with some friends.

In high school, GJ was always playing basketball. Actually, one of the reasons we didn't hang out was because I could care less about sports in high school.

Anyway, he decided to tackle the game again after beating these same guys a few weeks ago. I reminded him, before the game, how his knees bothered him the day after his last game. He promised to stretch and take it easy.

Have I mentioned that we are both 40 years old? (well, ok, I'm almost there.) Not that we should stop at age 40 (who me?) but our bodies must be treated with respect at this age. Unfortunately, his competitive athletic nature still believes he is a teenager.

After my yoga class, I received a text from him saying his knees were fine. However, he'd felt something *pop* in his right calf. Ouch!

Now he can't walk on it. He has a torn ligament.

Grrr... hardheaded men. I've told him that yoga will make him younger but he doesn't believe me. I think I've finally convinced him to let me teach him a few yoga asanas after he heals.

Knowing us though, the deep breathing and challenging poses will lead to something sexual.

Ok, that idea doesn't suck.


Early December 2006 - the year of my separation from my ex-husband - I decided to turn my shitty attitude around and host a 'gratitude party' at my house.

I posted a sign on the front door that said, "Leave your frowns at the door. Only smiles and thankfulness welcome here."

Throughout the house, I posted gratitude quotes. I had a white board in the middle of my living room where I asked my friends to write something they were grateful for.

At the end of the night, I gave each of my friends a journal and asked them to write in it every night... every thing they could think of that they were grateful for that day.

I don't know why I don't do this every year. It was a huge success and everyone was smiling.

Including me... who had two small children, had left my husband, lived in a house I couldn't afford and had no job.

Funny, how gratitude works. Everything turned out OK after all.

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice."
~ Meister Eckhart


  1. Gratitude for all those things we DO have really seems to take the focus off the things we DON'T....for me,that's the most magical thing about gratitude.... :)

  2. Gratitude..I really need to work on that a little more. With our relationship, we could probably do with REMEMBERING that we're still teenagers at heart every now and then, popped knees or otherwise...

  3. Delightful post, especially heading into a weekend. At the moment, I'm just grateful it's not raining... and hope that's the case during a teen party, this weekend. Eeek.

    As for 40? Add 10. The planet changes. (Thus, my own planet, where I may imagine less gravity, and rules of my own creation.)

    Ever grateful for an imagination...

  4. Grateful for so much ...especially the health and happiness of my kids.

    Your Veterans Day story made me emotional. That's what real love looks like. Thanks so much for sharing that special moment.

  5. I so want to be the wrinkled old man who cuts up my wife's spaghetti. How awesome is that? Gratitude party. I love it. That's the key. Takes work but it makes such a huge difference. Thanks for the reminder on a tough day.

  6. I love the gratitude party idea.

    As for men competing as if they were teens - yep. It's in our DNA.

    Can someone pass me an ice pack?

  7. Sorry to hear about Rascal's injury, ouch! I love the idea of a gratitude party! Stealing that!

    "Thank-you" is the most powerful prayer we can utter!

  8. What an awesome idea for a party T! Even when things are going ok we need to remember to be grateful!

    I think I may just throw a gratitude party next year!

  9. Long distance gratitude party this year?
    I could totally use one.

  10. Hey, aren't you the one that just ran a Triathelon!!!! :) And you are telling your man to be carefull on the B-ball court. ;)
    By the way my word varification for this comment is peedog. Made me laugh.


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