Monday, November 9, 2009

A great weekend and its lingering effects

I feel like shit.

I don't think its anything other than a cold or allergies. Nose is running. Sneezing. Eyes watering. Tickle in the throat.


The worst part of it is that when I feel like shit, I don't want to take care of myself or anyone else for that matter. I want someone else to do all the thinking and remedy-giving and tea-making and hot-bath-running.

I want my mommy. 

I could tell that something was coming on last week when I didn't want to get all sexy on the phone with Gentleman Jack. That never happens. I always want to get sexy with my man.

Then he showed up on Friday night with his two boys and even when we could sneak away, I was still sort of meh about gettin' it on. Of course, we got it on anyway. And I definitely enjoyed it but then immediately went back to meh again.

My brain feels foggy and I can't think straight. I wasn't even sure I should blog or comment on other blogs today. I don't want to sound like a complete meanie. I tend to get nasty when I feel bad. I noticed this last week when I specifically did something just to piss someone off.

Who does that? That is so not me. It must have been a reaction to the weird week.

And yet, I felt some sick satisfaction for doing it.

Yeah, I gotta get better soon. In the meanwhile, here's a post I wrote last night when my head felt a little clearer...


GJ and his sons came to visit this weekend.

This was the first time that my both of my daughters were meeting both of his sons. Within the first 5 minutes, they were chasing each other through the house like they'd known each other for years. Over the course of the weekend, they all fell right into relaxed friendship.

Rose and Carbon Copy (GJ's teenage son) seemed to be especially comfortable together. They spent most of the weekend trying to get through levels on one of Rose's DS games. If they weren't doing that, they were watching TV, playing board games, or chasing each other outside.

My Gentleman and I each refer to our oldest children as 'brilliant'. They both enjoy the same things and read books like there's no tomorrow. I guess we should have known that they'd have an easy rapport.

Rose told me later that she likes "smart boys" after she admitted that Nick Jonas is her favorite of the Jonas brothers. "He is the smart one, Mommy. And I like smart boys."

Hmmm... I wonder if she's crushin' on GJ's son?


Gentleman Jack's younger son is a ball full of energy. Fireball. That's a great nickname for him.

GJ has been concerned for some time that Fireball would be too rough and tumble for my sweet, gentle Grace. Grace was also, unfortunately, not her usual self this past weekend. As a matter of fact, she ran a very high fever on Saturday night that gave all of us a scare. (Thank God for homeopathy!!!)

It was Fireball's first reaction to Grace that I found completely endearing. After a quick chase around the house, the kids joined GJ and I at the table for dinner. Fireball looked lovingly at Grace and said, "I like her, Daddy. She's just my size!"

Oh my freakin' goodness that was the cutest thing ever!

Every time Grace needed help... opening her bottle of water... asking for a napkin with dinner... wanting something she accidentally dropped on the floor... that little Fireball was right there like a miniature version of his daddy. The perfect gentleman.

And Grace, well... my Grace wasn't the least bit impressed. But she tolerated him nonetheless.

We had a wonderful weekend with no arguments or fighting or a destroyed house. My Gentleman and I very much enjoyed sharing the parenting this weekend.

We actually make a really good team.


And now I'm wondering if the weekend just really kicked my ass!


  1. My heart just grew two sizes too big for my chest - awwwww!

    I am glad it went well. And I am thrilled that Grace was unimpressed.


  2. Glad to hear that your weekend went well.

    I know what you're talking about, though, in terms of wanting your mommy when you're sick. I want to be babied when I'm feeling like shit, too.

    Try to take care of yourself and get well soon.


  3. Despite the cold, it sounds like you all had a really great weekend. Glad the kids got along so well. That always helps.

    Feel better soon.

  4. Hmmm, It's begining to sound very much like a family! *Swoon*

  5. Hope you are feeling back to your normal self soon!

    Too cute, sounds like Fireball is liking not being the "baby" of the family and having someone younger to look after.

  6. Gargle with warm salt water and flush it through your nose. It really works wonders! Then make some grapefruit tea:

    You'll be better in no time.

    I love the perfect gentleman story you told. Wonderful stuff

  7. Kids are the best. They make everything worth everything. Sounds like that foursome will do very well together.

    (Now get some rest. Yeah, I know. Good in theory...)

  8. Who does feel good when they're sick? Sure Rascal didn't mind. Everyone gets grumpy when they don't feel well. At least you know that it's about being sick and not about your kids or relationship. Rest up!

  9. Feel better! It sounds like a wonderful weekend and you must be both relieved and thrilled that you all had so much fun together. Kids rock.

  10. I hope you get to feeling better and too cute about the 4 year olds.

  11. It sounds like a nice time...and sounds like a family, ya know?
    (My 4 year old's name is Grace as well!)
    PS. I can't seem to get blogger to let me post comments as Danielle-Lee today, so Left of Lost it is!


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