Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lover of Lingerie

I suppose since my Gentleman and I only see each other twice a month, it is only natural that whatever I'm wearing seems to be practically torn from my body when we're finally alone.

One thing he doesn't realize about me is that I *LOVE* lingerie.

I do realize that every man is different. Some men prefer baby doll nightgowns. Others prefer leather. Some prefer lacey garters and tight corsets. Then others may prefer the simplicity of a matching bra and panties.

GJ hasn't seen this side of me... other than bra and panties. And quite frankly, those are stripped so quickly that I guarantee he couldn't even tell you the color of them.

This past Saturday, I thought I'd surprise him with some of my favorite lingerie. I packed 3 different outfits to give him options.

We never made it past option #1.


Gentleman Jack and I had tickets to see Jewel in concert on Saturday night. With the concert, we were also staying the night in a hotel. It would be our first night alone in quite some time. Lately, we've been like a married couple with kids. Sneaking off whenever the children were distracted...

After check in and getting settled in the room, I opened my suitcase and began taking off my jeans and t-shirt. He smiled at me, thinking I was simply making things easier by getting naked before he could get to me.

Instead he watched as I pulled black thigh high stockings from my suitcase and slipped them on, making sure the dark line was straight from my heel, past my calf, behind my knee and up the back of my thigh. He stopped what he was doing and sat on the bed.

Then I pulled out the highest black heels that I own - nearly 5 inches in height - and bent over to buckle them around my ankles.

He walked over and playfully slid his fingers between my thighs. I stopped him and pushed him away. He sat back on the bed and laughed in anticipation of what was next.

I pulled out a black silk bustier and pulled it tight around my slender waist. I hooked each eye, slowly, while giving Gentleman Jack a teasing smile. Then I turned it around and lifted the straps over my shoulders. My breasts sat up high and formed a beautiful full cleavage that even I admired.

I began to walk toward him.

"Stop. Stay right there. I have to take all of this in. I want to memorize this moment."

I stood in front of him, feeling sexy, exposed, vulnerable and I watched as his smiling eyes gave way to lustful hunger.

He stood and took my hand, leading me to the wall of mirrors near the bed.

"Look at you. You look so... tall ... so ... statuesque. My God, you're beautiful."

Whatever sexy mask I was portraying was lost in that moment. A blushing smile was all that I could muster...


I find it humorous that after 6 months of dating, he is only now seeing me in some of my favorite not-so-outer-wear. But with a reaction like the one I received Saturday night (oh those poor hotel room neighbors!), you can bet he'll be seeing lots more.

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  1. what a lovely moment retold - you would have looked gorgeous :-)HHNT!

  2. That's one of the things that I love most about being in a long distance's that it takes some time to get around to things like this...because they're just not necessary! I love dressing up for CBG like this as well...and yes, the reaction is usually the same! I absolutely LOVE it.

  3. I've never been with somebody before who dressed in lingerie with the specific intent of turning me on. That's all changed with Sunshine.

    I normally love to just sit back and enjoy the view and soak her in. I'm not one to immediately rip off everything, and I even enjoy the occsional high heels in bed.

    On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE when she just wears a tank top and tight cotton it's not all about wearing crazy outfits. If you love somebody, they'll turn you on regardless of what they do or do not wear.

    ...but a smart man will NEVER complain about his lover in lingerie.

  4. Ahh ... Can I just say I'm jealous?

    Lingerie is definitely high on my R&R pack list, though!

  5. Funny how lingere never stays on very long. Seems almost ridulous considering the expense of some of it BUT I think the heat that comes from wearing it - even briefly - is mutual and it shows when the lingere comes off!

  6. Well, you know, Mindy, it doesn't HAVE to be taken off.

    Only the essential pieces. heh.

  7. And for the record, mine stayed on the whole time...

    Just sayin'.

  8. Good to know, T....





    yeah, mine usually stays on, too.

    Mostly. ;)

  9. Surely you know how I feel about lingerie. (Sexy shoes go well, too.) E-N-J-O-Y, with an emphasis on the JOY.

  10. I'm like Rascal, I get a woman out of her clothes and don't really care about lingerie. Most of my girlfriends love lounging in frumpy comfy sleepwear, and I don't mind a bit!

  11. Hmmm... Just got a little warm in my office. Think I'm going to have to excuse myself...


  12. God I am so flipping jealous. And it may have just gotten a little hot in my office too.

  13. I'm so glad that he stopped to appreciate your beauty, to soak it in and memorize it. Lucky guy! And so nice of you to indulge him with the little show you thoughtfully gave him.

  14. LOL its true. The better the lingerie the fast it comes off.

  15. I bet you did look stunning T.

    Some doods don't much care! I'm one of them. Red bra green panties I just assume it christmas!

  16. I love lingerie like you described and I'm sure you looked fabulous. Of course, it would have been nice to see a picture of you to confirm that... ;-)


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