Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since my divorce...

I have learned quite a bit about myself. I have accomplished much. I'm not even the same person I was when I was married.

I was contacted by someone wanting to hear my post-divorce story - all that I have discovered along this quest that makes me who I am now. I felt honored and spoke to her via cell phone while driving back to Louisiana to visit Gentleman Jack.

She's now doing a series of posts on me.


It begins here.

Thanks Mandy. I can't tell you how much your project inspires those of us who've been there... and those who are struggling with divorce now.

I love that you are looking at the bright side. You rock.

"You can't sit around and wait for the storm to be over. You've got to learn how to dance in the rain."
~ Anonymous


  1. Love it - looking very much to reading your journey as told through Mandy's view! :)

  2. What an awesome project!

    Like you I have grown a LOT since my divorce. It's been almost 8 years now and I've had many experiences and gained a lot of wisdom I wouldn't have otherwise. My divorce was like my adult birthday - the day I started coming into my own.

  3. I am off to read the story of T!!

  4. It is certainly a long journey for many of us, one filled with so many lessons. Very cool that someone else is going to write your story from another point of view. You go, girl!

  5. And a huge thank you to T for sharing her story! I think divorce is still stigmatized and organizations, like schools, still don't effectively handle "divided" families - heck, most of the adjectives around divorce have negative overtones - what is with this "divided" versus "in-tact"? Yet, for many of us divorce does have positive outcomes. By sharing these, maybe we can change the view of divorce and make it easier for everyone, especially our children.

    Thank you again T! And if any of your readers would like to share their story ... I'm always looking for more ladies to interview.


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